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7 Brilliant Tips You'll Use Every Time You Clean The Bathroom

7 Brilliant Tips You'll Use Every Time You Clean The Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom is not a pleasure, and keeping this room clean is not an easy task. However, it is essential to clean it as often as possible. That's why we reveal good tips for cleaning your bathroom in a natural and efficient way using elements you already have at home.

 Brilliant Tips You'll Use Every Time You Clean The Bathroom

1- Clean the mirror
The mirror in the bathroom can become very dirty over time. It becomes covered with dust, make-up and toothpaste, and you can barely see yourself in it. Spraying cleaners or water by wiping with a paper towel may leave bright marks. You can then try the following technique:

Prepare a strong tea with the quantity of 3 bags of black tea. Pour the tea into a spray bottle and spray on the mirror by wiping it with a newspaper to leave no stains. Tea's tannic acid removes dirt and grease leaving your mirror sparkling.

2- Shower head
Cleaning a shower head is not really fun, that's why there is a genius technique to apply to disinfect and shine it, just take a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar, then surround it on the pommel, then fix it with an elastic band.

Leave it there for 60 minutes, then remove the bag, and let the water run for 2 minutes, wipe it off and you're done. Thanks to its acidity (pH which varies between 2 and 3), the use of vinegar is very varied since it is at the same time disinfecting, deodorizing and anti-limescale.

3- Remove limescale stains
You probably notice stains on your faucets, and you surely recognize that they are hard to eliminate. We have the right solution for you. Simply rub them with a lemon, so the acidity of the lemon will dissolve the limestone stains. Moreover, thanks to this natural trick you will have a good refreshing smell in your bathroom.

You can also wrap your faucets in rags soaked in white distilled vinegar. In this way, the stains will easily decompose, and it will suffice to wipe your faucets to find them as new.

To reach some difficult places, you can use an old unused toothbrush to clean these places.

4- The sink of the bathroom
The sink could be the easiest part to clean from the bathroom, and certainly the least disgusting. There are many ways to clean it, but the most effective is pouring white vinegar or baking soda into the sink and then rinsing it with warm water. Do not forget to clean the metal parts with lemon.

5- Clean the toilet
The best solution for cleaning toilets is white vinegar. This natural cleaning technique effectively kills bacteria, molds and removes residues in your toilet for effective cleaning.

You must pour vinegar into your toilet and let it sit, during this time you can spray vinegar around the toilet seat and wipe with a cloth.

To clean the edges of the toilet, staple toilet paper soaked in vinegar under the edge of your toilet, and let it sit while you scrub the bowl with vinegar using your toilet brush. Remove the toilet paper, then rub under the edges with a toothbrush, then rinse thoroughly.

Another way to clean your toilet is to use Coca-Cola. Just apply the same method with Coke instead of vinegar. This also permanently eliminates all unwanted bacteria.

6- Clean the toilet brush
The toilet brush can contain a lot of germs and bacteria and spread a bad smell.

To eliminate all these discomforts, pour a little all-purpose cleaner into the bottom of the brush holder for a pleasant smell.

7- Clean the tiles
The grout, which is the material used to fill the spaces between the tiles looks nice when it's clean, but the dirt easily seeps into these small crevices, making dirty walls in a bathroom. To restore the original color of your tiles and the spaces between them, apply a paste of 3/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the coulis, let the dough rest for 30 minutes then remove it with a brush or cloth to make your walls look new. The antiseptic nature of baking soda, combined with the acidity of vinegar, helps to clean any mold and stains on your tile.