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The Chrononutrition Diet, A Healthy Way To Lose 8 Pounds In A Week

The Chrononutrition Diet, A Healthy Way To Lose 8 Pounds In A Week

More than a simple rebalancing of food, chrononutrition consists of adapting our meals with the secretions of hormones. Cortisol, the hormone responsible for storing fat, has four peaks during the day. Thus, each time of the day is intended for ingestion of a particular food category. This mode of feeding is essentially to feed properly while eliminating unnecessary pounds and avoiding the specific yo-yo effect diets. We tell you more in our slimming point.

We all dream of having a hearty diet without it impacting our silhouette. With chrononutrition, reach your fitness weight easily without keeping a close eye on the calorie intake or fat content of your food. Small bonus: you are entitled to a hearty breakfast and a sweet snack. What could be better ? Once the thinning phase is complete, we can enjoy two meals of our choice to avoid frustration, dangerous during a weight loss initiative. Here are some ideas of typical menus to integrate chrononutrition with your daily life.

To balance your diet
Bad eating habits sometimes have a hard time. Installed in our daily life, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of it. To rebalance your diet subtly, here are meal ideas that will satisfy your energy needs.

- Breakfast :
The chrononutrition capitalizes on this meal essential to the good start of the day. It must be hearty because it is at this precise moment that the body needs the most energy. To avoid the 10h lows, this meal must be composed of proteins, slow sugars and fats. We can afford cheese, eggs and a hot drink without sugar.

- Lunch:
 At this time of day, the body is preparing to store protein stores. We will therefore allow a portion of lean meats such as turkey or fish with a source of fiber. Vegetables are to consume in abundance.

-  Afternoon tea :
To fill the peak of insulin that takes place in the early afternoon and avoid overcompensating at dinner, a snack is de rigueur. Fruits, oleaginous, small portions of dark chocolate, dried fruit, as many delicacies as we can agree to this schedule.

- Dinner
Attention, this meal is the moment when it will be necessary to redouble precautions. Indeed, it is around bedtime that the metabolism slows, making it more difficult to burn fat. Avoid dinner if you feel full or choose a source of lean protein and a source of fiber.

For a slimming attack phase
As a reminder, any food rebalancing must be supervised by a doctor if it exceeds the duration of one week. Here is a typical menu for an attack phase focused on fast thinning, it will lose 8 Pounds in a week

Breakfast 1 large glass of warm lemon water
                 2 slices of wholemeal bread or cereals
                 2 eggs
                 Hot drink without sugar

Lunch 2 slices of lean meat
            Green vegetables
            Avoid sweet vegetables such as beets, carrots or peas
            For seasonings, choose olive or rapeseed oil

Dinner Fish is to be preferred during this meal. You can accompany it with green vegetables such as broccoli or beans.

To stabilize the weight
For the stabilization phase, you can incorporate new foods into your diet. You can add two meals called jokers during the week where you will allow gourmet meals of your choice. However, it is forbidden to consume fruit and starchy foods at the same meal because the carbohydrate intake is too rich. Here is an example of a typical menu.

Breakfast Light white cheese
                   Rye bread
                   Detox water

Lunch :  2 slices of chicken breast
              vegetables julienne

Dinner Mushroom soup with mushrooms

Caution :
As a reminder, it is imperative to inform your doctor of any change in diet exceeding the duration of a week. To observe conclusive results on weight loss, it is essential to combine a balanced diet with sustained physical activity.