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A Doctor Warns People Who Consume Lemon

A Doctor Warns People Who Consume Lemon

The lemon detox cure is in vogue right now. Celebrated by several stars in the world, she has a proven track record in weight loss. Lemon is a fruit that is full of benefits for your body and mind. Its proven slimming properties have given it a key role in a slimming process. But most of those who start a lemon detox ignore some of the information needed to benefit from all the benefits as reported by Dr. DAVID KESSLER in his book The Complete Guide to Healing Foods. Did you know that a long-lasting lemon diet can be harmful to your health? Yes, despite all the virtues of this fruit, the way to proceed with this diet will determine if you will take care of your body or on the contrary weaken it and disrupt its functions!

Without further ado, we explain everything you should know before starting this diet.

The benefits of lemon:

- Lemon is rich in vitamins. Its vitamin C content gives it a valuable role for the health of the body. It helps strengthen the immune system, fight the toxic effects of free radicals and prevent a large number of diseases.

- The phenols and flavonoids present in this citrus fruit offers effective anti-microbial properties. It fights bacteria, fungi and viruses. It prevents and cures infectious diseases such as colds, urinary infections, angina etc.

- Containing citric acid and fiber, lemon facilitates digestion. By stimulating the bile in the liver, the lemon accelerates the transit. It reduces bloating and prevents constipation.

- The many antioxidants whose flavonoids present in large quantities in this fruit allow it to act as an anti-inflammatory. It reduces inflammatory conditions such as sore throats.

- The consumption of lemon helps fight against overweight by reducing fat tissue in the body. In addition, the fibers contained in citrus fruit can increase the level of satiety felt and reduce food intake.

The disadvantages of long-lasting lemon detox:

- If lemon has significant health benefits, doing a long-lasting lemon peel may not be a good idea because consuming only lemon water for 15 days could be harmful to your health! Indeed, as detoxifying this diet, it should not exceed 5 to 7 days at the risk of seeing side effects and weaken you because of the lack of a caloric intake. 

Indeed, making a detox by consuming only lemon water for several days causes a considerable calorie deficit. This diet will result in nutrient deficiency that will result in headaches, fatigue and fainting. Moreover, this detox, strict and restrictive, will not lead to an efficient weight loss. You will lose more water than fat and your body will get used to starvation and store more calories once you offer it a normal diet. Considerable weight gain can be seen at the end of this type of diet.

Thus, it is advisable to combine with the lemon water diet, even for short periods, a balanced and healthy diet, covering fruits and vegetables as well as proteins such as lean meat or eggs. The principle being to dispatcher this drink on the meals of the day.

Other side effects may occur in your body if you take this type of long-term diet:

- Lemon contains citric acid which may cause gastroesophageal reflux. Ingesting lemon juice for a long time could eventually cause acidity to rise and disrupt normal swallowing activity.

- We know that lemon helps make teeth whiter. But know that if you consume this fruit for a long time, you risk to weaken the enamel of your teeth, because of the acidity of the lemon. For this reason, it is advisable to drink lemon water with a straw and not to brush your teeth just after consuming this drink.

How to proceed to carry out this diet without incurring risks for the body?
If you want to lose weight by arming yourself with this thin ally that is lemon, you can! But you must proceed to a healthy and balanced diet.

To lose weight sustainably, you must respect certain recommendations:

- Eat green vegetables at will

Incorporate organic fruits into your diet, but away from meals, two hours before or two hours after

- Avoid red meat as much as possible and opt for white and lean meats but sparingly

- Prepare your meals in advance and eat at fixed times

- Drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day

- Perform a physical activity that you enjoy at least 3 times a week

Warnings :
- If you have gastroesophageal reflux or stomach ulcers, avoid consuming lemon.

- It is inadvisable to ingest lemon if you have kidney and / or biliary disorders.
Warns People Who Consume Lemon