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5 Simple And Effective Tips To Lose 2 Pounds According To Dieticians

5 Simple And Effective Tips To Lose 2 Pounds According To Dieticians

If you do not know which method to turn to lose your extra pounds, these tips are for you! You tried several diets but without results? Here are 5 steps to follow, certified by dieticians, and that will allow you to lose 1 kilo per week and without harming the proper functioning of your body and keeping it in good condition.

Losing weight requires a lot of physical but also psychological effort. It is important to know how to manage the elimination of your extra pounds, to take small steps and avoid attacking your body. It is not so simple, especially since multiple diets are born daily. In addition, losing weight becomes more complicated when our body itself is no longer able to burn as many calories as before. Indeed, several factors can explain this phenomenon.

Why stop losing weight?

There comes a time when our body stagnates and no longer burns the excess fat at the same rate as before. This can actually be due to certain practices and gestures that hinder weight loss. One can cite a genetically low metabolism that can dramatically slow down your weight loss. Similarly, the lack of sleep that, according to a study published on ScienceDaily, would cause an increase in your appetite. Linking diets that sometimes lead to the famous Yoyo effect, do not take the time to cook for yourself, nibble without really being hungry, ... These are habits among many others that can hinder your loss of fat.

5 steps to lose 2 Pounds a week
For this purpose, and to allow you to get rid of your few kilos smoothly, we list 5 tips of dieticians, good to undertake for effective weight loss.

Fill up on vegetables
Vegetables promote weight loss and help the body burn fat as demonstrated by this study published by the medical journal European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. These foods will satisfy you, and their consumption in quantity will avoid the feeling of craving.

Reduce your carbohydrates, not stop them!
The goal is not to start a ketogenic diet where your carbohydrate intake is almost non-existent, but simply to rationally reduce the time to lose your kilo too much. A reasonable source of carbohydrates with enough protein and vegetables would be a good way to start seeing, and feel results on your body.

Do not neglect your protein intake
Proteins are macronutrients that contribute to weight loss. According to the study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of protein would reduce appetite, impact hormones regulating our weight while preserving our muscle mass.

No need to work hard for hours, just a few steps to protect your health. According to a study published by The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, walking would promote weight loss, improve your heart activity and boost your endurance. So you can start by focusing on walking instead of transportation to get to work, for example, and stairs instead of elevators.

Light dinner
If you have a goal of fast weight loss, eating in large quantities at night would not be a good idea. People who dine for two will tend to lose less weight than those who enjoy themselves at breakfast....
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