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How To Get Rid Of Ants With Lemon Once And For All!

How To Get Rid Of Ants With Lemon Once And For All!

Sometimes ants invade your home and interfere with your daily life by their presence on your worktop, your kitchen or your bedroom ... But this does not mean that you must opt ​​for ease and use chemicals to eliminate these insects.

Insecticides sold on the market pose many risks to your health. These products have been shown to contain substances that are very dangerous to humans and can cause serious illness. In addition, they pollute the environment that can harm the fauna and flora.

But you do not have to sit back and let those ants disrupt your quality of life.

There are a number of natural tips for eliminating and removing ants from your home. But before you introduce them, we will explain the phenomenon that pushes ants to enter your home.

Why are ants coming to your home?

When winter comes to an end, these insects go on a quest for food. Besides, you have probably noticed that it is when the heat is the tip of his nose that you find the most ants at home. Just like the bee, when an ant senses the smell of food and decides to go looking for it, it releases what are called trace pheromones. These are hormones that allow him to mark his itinerary and communicate it to his fellow creatures. Hence the fact that we often find ourselves with a whole colony of ants and not one or two. Ants are very attracted to sweet foods and have a very developed sense of smell. So if you leave traces of sweet food, you may be the victim of an invasion of ants.

How do natural repellents work to keep ants away from you?

As we mentioned earlier, ants have a very developed sense of smell. Pheromones that allow them to communicate with each other are chemical messages that attach to the olfactory receptors. When we use a natural repellent, we aim to disrupt the trace pheromones that help them locate and find themselves in one place. Thus, their olfactory system is disrupted when they feel certain substances and it forces them to turn back and look for other spaces more conducive to the development of their senses.

Natural repellents to get rid of ants permanently

Here are the natural tips that have been proven to keep ants away:

1. The coffee grounds
The smell of coffee is very disturbing for ants. Moisten your coffee grounds and put it in the places in your house where you have ants. These will disappear in a very short time!

2. The vinegar
Vinegar is also a very unpleasant smell for our friends ants. Spray white vinegar in the spaces they occupy and they will go away.

3. The essential oils
Peppermint oil and clove oil are some of the most popular tips for keeping ants away. Put these oils in a spray with a little water and spray on the windowsills and the front door of your home to eliminate ants from your home.

4. The basil leaves
Insects do not support the smell of basil. Put basil leaves in your garden, or in your kitchen and you will find that ants will categorically refuse to live with you!

5. The lemon
The smell of lemon acid completely disorients ants. Blocking the action of pheromones, insects can no longer find the route required to obtain food. Put some lemon slices in your house and the ants will disappear.

6. Garlic
Garlic is also a very effective ingredient to keep ants away. Put some lemon pods in the spaces where ants are usually found. This strong smell will destabilize them and force them to move away from your home as soon as possible.

7. Chalk
This grandmother's trick has proven itself. Chalk is a way to put an ant barrier that prevents them from accessing the spaces where you apply it. Make one or more lines with chalk and you will see that the message will pass.

8. Cinnamon
Cinnamon has a powerful odor for ants and effectively disrupts the action of their pheromones. To eliminate these insects for good, you just need to pour cinnamon powder on the path that they usually follow.

9. Lavender
Ants do not seem to like the smell of lavender. Indeed, this plant acts effectively as a natural repellent and will get rid of ants that invade your living space.
Get Rid Of Ants With Lemon