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6 Ways To Lose Weight Despite A Thyroid Problem

6 Ways To Lose Weight Despite A Thyroid Problem

How many people suffer from having tested several slimming diets coupled with intense physical exercises without success! Result? They find themselves feeling guilty about their inability to lose weight despite their constant efforts. If this is your case too, it is interesting to dig deeper and perhaps consider the problem of the thyroid gland. Focus on his symptoms and tips on how to lose weight sustainably despite the dysregulation of this gland. You will be surprised to see that this is possible and especially at hand.

It is important to understand the different factors that come into play as soon as we understand the complexity of the weight issue. Namely the roles played by each of the genetics, biology and environment in the constitution of the body.

To try to detect the warning signs of a disturbance of the thyroid gland, you must be attentive to your body and pay attention to the fact that:
  • You tested several diets that were unsuccessful
  • You notice weight gain despite a diet or exercise routine unchanged
  • Your weight loss is difficult and your metabolism is slow
  • You used to lose weight in the past, but this is no longer the case

If you are concerned about any of these symptoms, it is worthwhile to take the test further by consulting your doctor; you may suffer from thyroid resistance.

The positive point is that it is quite possible to reverse the dynamics of this resistance and we will immediately explain how.

Six Ways To Lose Weight When Your Thyroid Resistant

1. Adopt a moderate HIIT routine
If you are confused between many unproductive exercises and coaching, this high intensity interval training - HIIT - is likely to suit you. For beginners, it is recommended to start with sessions of 10 to 30 minutes and increase the pace gradually according to its capacity.

2. Optimize your diet
In the case of a dietary diet that is too caloric, fatty or sweet, it is absolutely necessary to start a food rebalancing integrating healthy and unprocessed foods. It is also necessary to remove sugar and salt first to reverse the resistance of the thyroid.

3. Do not forget breakfast
Given that hypothyroidism can slow down the metabolic system, it is essential to stimulate the metabolic system with a nutritious breakfast. According to scientists, this meal would even be an essential factor in the fight against overweight and would allow the use of calories ingested for more useful purposes than when consumed later in the day.

4. Avoid dieting
It is essential to avoid the countless yo-yo diets and invest in a healthy and balanced diet aimed at rebalancing its eating habits in order to benefit the body from the benefits of the different nutrients. What's more, these diets are very harmful and may have the opposite effect than expected.

5. Improve your sleep
Many people seem to be unaware that an excellent sleep routine is essential for good physical health and especially in the process of losing weight in cases of disruption of the thyroid gland.

A bad late bedtime ritual can counterbalance efforts to lose weight.

6. Optimize the conversion of thyroid hormones
Two hormones are essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid: T3 and T4. To ensure their proper functioning in the body, it is advisable to use supplements such as selenium and zinc.

According to a study, the effect of a diet supplemented with zinc and selenium has shown a considerable action since it would have contributed to increase the level of thyroid hormones essential for many body functions namely thermoregulation, growth tissue and regulation of the cardiovascular system.
Lose Weight Despite A Thyroid Problem