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The Recipe For This Doctor's Green Lemon Juice Is To Drink Before Sleeping To Lose Weight

The Recipe For This Doctor's Green Lemon Juice Is To Drink Before Sleeping To Lose Weight

Belly fat is the concern of many people of all ages. First, it is important to understand that stress is one of the causes of fat accumulation in this part of the body. So reducing stress is the first step to finding a flat stomach, without forgetting a healthy diet and regular physical activity! Also, in addition to regulating your mood, we have a drink inspired by Dr. Arthur Agatston's book The South Beach Diet to consume at bedtime to naturally lose weight.

Abdominal fat not only makes your figure unattractive but also increases the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. In an article in the magazine Medisite, this fat can even alter the functioning of the liver! Public Health England stated in a report that belly fat was the most noticeable sign of type 2 diabetes.

Stress is your number 1 enemy

The most common causes of abdominal fat are genetics, hormonal imbalance, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating. Let's focus on this hormonal imbalance and how can it affect the body and cause the storage of fat in this part of the body!

Chronic stress increases the secretion of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone increases the appetite, the desire to smoke, but also causes a loss of memory, muscle mass, libido and bone density.

Many studies have established a link between elevated cortisol levels and increased belly fat, as well as increased storage of abdominal fat. Especially since the habits of people during stressful periods of their lives only worsen the situation further. A lack of exercise as well as the consumption of unhealthy foods increase the risk of gaining even more weight.

As you can see, the most effective way to reduce belly fat is to go for healthy food, relax and exercise daily.

- A drink to boost weight loss
- To help you get rid of this fat, here is a perfect mix that combines some of the best fat burning ingredients!

Ingredients :

- 1 cucumber, organic
- A bunch of parsley, organic
- 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger, organic
- 1/2 lemon, organic
- 1/3 cup of water

Mix the ingredients to get a drink that you can consume just before you fall asleep.

As you surely know, it is during the night that the liver is the most active. So drinking this juice before sleep is a great way to give your liver a boost to rid the body of toxins.

The benefits of ingredients

Low in calories, cucumber is a food that promotes hydration and weight loss thanks to its high antioxidant content. An analysis revealed that the consumption of water-rich, low-calorie foods such as cucumber is associated with a significant decrease in body weight.

Parsley contains many antioxidants including flavonoids, carotenoids and vitamin C. All have proven their important role in weight loss.

A battery of studies on the impact of ginger on the body has shown that its antioxidant abilities have a significant effect on body weight and belly fat.

A laboratory study of mice has shown that plant compounds in lemon extracts can help prevent or reduce weight gain in several ways.

This drink is not recommended for burns, stomach ulcers, anticoagulant therapy or pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor if you are following a specific treatment!
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