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The Type Of Woman You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Type Of Woman You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each man has criteria that shape the choice of his future partner. Of course, his preferences are based on his personality and his deep expectations. Through the study of astrologers, we can establish what every man looks for in a woman, according to her zodiac sign.

If astrology is so powerful, it is because it is based on the unconscious needs of each of the signs of the zodiac. Some men are attracted to strong women, who have a strong character, while others attach more importance to the charm and beauty that their potential partner can release.

Of course, tastes and colors are not discussed. But the analysis of stars allows you to know already if you will please him, according to your personality and if you are able to build a relationship in the long term.

1. Aries
Aries is very dynamic and courageous. She is often accused of being impulsive in his daily acts. The native of this sign loves competitiveness and surpassing oneself. Her partner should have a strong personality and not show weaknesses easily. She is looking for a strong woman who is not afraid to take on challenges.

2. Taurus 
Taurus is easy to live with. She is sweet and affectionate. His temperament is calm and conciliatory. The native of this sign seeks a partner who shows femininity and sweetness. She needs someone who gives him unconditional support and caring.

3. Gemini
Gemini is sociable and loves the company of people who give off positive waves. She loves to laugh and share pleasant moments with others. She is looking for a funny woman, full of vitality, who knows how to spread the joy and good humor in the couple.

4. Cancer
Skin cancer is hard to cope with. She is often afraid of being disappointed and hurt. She does not reveal his fears and may seem distant to let nothing show. What She is looking for in a woman is emotional balance, openness and authenticity. She needs to feel confident to offer you her heart.

5. Leo
The Leo has confidence in him and displays an elegant and robust physique. She may look egocentric because she has an interest in herself. She is looking for a reliable partner, a little haughty and different from others. She will want his wife to have a beautiful body and a lot of charm.

6. Virgo
The native of this sign is perfectionist and very demanding towards himself. She analyzes things before she starts and does not allow himself the right to make mistakes. The native Virgo will seek to couple with a person he knows well, a neighbor or a childhood friend. She needs to make sure that she makes the right choice and will not take the risk of engaging with a stranger.

7. Libra 
Libra seeks to live in harmony. His whole existence is based on balance and serenity. She avoids disputes and welcomes sincerely and disinterested love. She will seek a partner who shares the same values ​​as her and will never embark on the adventure with a frivolous or rebellious woman.

8. Scorpio
Scorpio is a sign that evolves through his experiences. Her mind may become critical but she thinks it is lucid. She is very instinctive , the first impression counts enormously. Her ideal partner will be seductive, charismatic and independent, with whom she can flourish sustainably.

9. Sagittarius
Sagittarius is someone who lives things with passion. She likes to go on an adventure, laugh and enjoy every moment. The native of this sign will not want a woman too serious or too mature. She considers that her half must stimulate her physically and emotionally. She will want to share unique moments with him.

10. Capricorn
Capricorn is rigid and has a hard time letting go. It's not for lack of trying but his nature compels him to want to control everything in his life. She will look for a man who can help her organize her future while having fun. She will need an affectionate, conciliatory and enterprising partner.

11. Aquarius
The native of this sign is generous and very independent. She does not know how to make love and often delegates initiatives to her partner. It can be unpredictable and make decisions that you did not anticipate. She is looking for a courageous man who dares to take risks and who makes decisions.

12. Pisces
The Pisces is very emotional and dreamy. Easily intimidated, the native of this sign may seem reserved. She is often caught in his thoughts and forgets to express what she feels. She seeks a demonstrative, sensitive and honest person. However, Pisces knows that they are irresponsible and will need a partner who is down to earth and who calls her to order when necessary.
The Type Of Woman You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign