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The Area Of ​​your Body That You Clean First Says A Lot About Your Personality

For many people, taking a shower is a morning ritual and an inherent part of their everyday life. Whether it's to feel cleaner, cooler...

For many people, taking a shower is a morning ritual and an inherent part of their everyday life. Whether it's to feel cleaner, cooler or to recover, a good shower is always a healthy gesture to start the day. Nevertheless, this innocuous gesture would not be a good daily habit.

From a psychological point of view, the order in which we wash different parts of our body would be able to reveal many aspects of our personality. Whether we start with the hair, the face or the arms, every area of ​​the human body will reveal certain characteristics about our character. Read on and unveil the mysteries of your personality, depending on what you wash first.

The fact that you first wash your face, which is the meeting point of the five senses, means that you are a person with a certain sensitivity in your relationship to yourself and to others. It is this perception of life that often makes you consider how others see you. You are therefore constantly paying attention to the image you are sending back.

You are a person with a lot of confidence. You approach things with simplicity and do not like to depend on others, no matter what situation you are in. Washing your chest first would also mean that it is difficult to destabilize you in view of all the determination you have in you.

Starting with your hair when you wash, would be an indication that organization and discipline are two fundamental principles in your life. You would also be someone very realistic, with a very developed practical sense. You are inflexible when it comes to your personal convictions and your idea of ​​things. On the other hand, you refuse to lie or to be hypocritical for the sole purpose of telling people what they want to hear.

Arms and Legs
If you are used to washing these limbs first, then it would be a sign of modesty, will, and incredible strength. Also, you are far from being a dreamer, you keep your feet on the ground and stop at nothing when it comes to your decisions and your opinions.

Neck and Shoulders
If you do this, then you are an example of diligence and fighting spirit. You are not afraid to set yourself very ambitious goals, bordering the limit of the impossible for some. Your ambition and determination are matched only by your optimism which always pushes you to go forward and persevere despite the obstacles that life puts in your way.

If you start with the back, it could very well mean that you are introverted, reserved, to the point of having trouble opening to others or expressing trust in them. You prefer to surround yourself with a fairly solid shell that protects you from malicious people. This mistrust is due in particular to your past disappointments.

Intimate parts
This is a category that concerns very few people, but if you are a part of it, be aware that your lack of self-confidence and timidity make you unable to stand up to the people you meet in everyone's life. days. You avoid any confrontation. However, you are also someone particularly endearing and sincere. Besides, your relatives are the first to know it and you appreciate it enormously for that.
Area Of ​​your Body That You Clean First