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Japanese Pharmacist Introduces Banana Diet, A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

When you want to lose weight, you face a multitude of choices as to the method to adopt. Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the ine...

When you want to lose weight, you face a multitude of choices as to the method to adopt. Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the inefficiency of restrictive regimes that lead to inevitable frustration and weight recovery. Indeed, to regain your life and achieve your goal, there are simple ways that have proven themselves. One of them was developed by a Japanese pharmacist, Sumiko Watanabe and went around the web under the name "Morning Banana Diet". We tell you more.

What if you were offered a solution for optimal weight loss without miracle pills, without surgery, without frustration and without excessive sports?

Indeed, a Japanese pharmacist expert in preventive medicine known as Sumiko Watanabe has set up a very simple diet: the "Morning Banana Diet", in other words, the banana diet.

The principles of Banana Diet:

This diet comes in several versions, but the principles are the same:

For breakfast, people who follow the diet can eat as many bananas as they want, along with regular hydration. However, the fruits must be believed to preserve all of their virtues. Bananas can be replaced with other fruits as a snack, but wait at least 20 minutes after your morning meal.

For lunch and dinner, you can eat anything you want without going overboard. So there is no food rule to follow except that of listening to your hunger. However, dinner must be taken before 8 pm to promote a restful sleep.

The prohibitions of Banana Diet:
This diet is flexible regarding the choice of food, except those of the breakfast, but it includes some prohibited:
  • Do not drink alcohol for the duration of the diet.
  • Avoid industrial products and frozen meals.
  • Reduce the consumption of dairy products

The benefits of Banana Diet:
The simplicity and effectiveness of this diet to reduce body fat have been a great success. Source of magnesium and fiber, banana has multiple properties as part of a weight loss process:

Banana reduces the appetite
Rich in fiber, banana is an ideal slimming ally. In fact, researchers say that this fruit helps increase the feeling of fullness and reduce its diet naturally.

Banana fights fat
In addition to its capacity to fill the daily cravings, the banana would also be an ally unsuspected to fight against the presence of fats in the body. This action is due to its lipase content, an enzyme that facilitates the digestion of fats by transforming triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, essential components to provide the body with the energy it needs.

Banana protects the intestinal flora
Thanks to the resistant starch it contains, bananas are, according to scientists, able to protect the intestinal microbiota and fight harmful bacteria that can penetrate the colon. One study also reportedly found its potential to reduce bloating significantly in healthy women with weight problems.

Banana improves mood
The phrase "having banana" makes perfect sense. Indeed, this fruit contains tryptophan, an amino acid that improves mood. A scientific article explains that tryptophan activates serotonin receptors in the brain to positively affect mood and cognitive functions.

Banana fights against premature aging
Banana is very rich in antioxidants. Indeed, the researchers reveal that this fruit contains tannins, catechins and flavonoids that protect the body against free radicals. Thus, banana preserves the body from cellular aging. In addition, it regulates cholesterol levels and protects cardiovascular health.

Warnings :
Banana is not recommended for diabetes or latex allergy.
Banana Diet