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A Lemon Green Juice To Suppress The Crystallization Of Uric Acid From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain

Gout is a disease resembling arthritis and occurs when there is too much uric acid condensation in the blood. It comes from an accumulatio...

Gout is a disease resembling arthritis and occurs when there is too much uric acid condensation in the blood. It comes from an accumulation of a deposit of purines that are substances present in all tissues but also contained in certain foods such as beans, chickpeas or red meat. Discover in the article a simple and natural remedy combining ingredients with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to help you get rid of uric acid crystals and relieve your pain!

When a person is healthy, the uric acid is supposed to dissolve in the blood and then be filtered through the kidneys so that the waste is eliminated through urination.

But when the functioning of the kidneys is no longer optimal and their efficiency decreases, it causes the crystallization of the pile of acid that stacks on the joints, causing what is called gout. It is a chronic disease affecting many people that significantly reduces mobility, gradually handicapping their daily lives because of the diffuse pain it causes.

If you are one of those who suffer from this problem and are looking for a healthy, non-medicated way to treat their symptoms, this relieving beverage can be helpful in lowering the intensity of your pain and reducing your inflammation.

- A cucumber
- A ginger root
- Two celery boots
- A slice of fresh lemon

For convincing results, it is best to use ingredients of biological origin.

- Preparation
You must first thoroughly wash all the ingredients mentioned above. Then peel the cucumber and mix it with fresh lemon juice, ginger and celery. Mix everything to obtain a homogeneous mixture and your drink is ready! Daily consumption increases your chances of seeing fast results and a tangible improvement in your health.

The benefits of ingredients

Experimental studies demonstrate the indisputable antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects of celery branches. The latter would be effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, liver problems, urinary obstruction, gout and rheumatism.

According to one study, cucumber would be an excellent diuretic. Its consumption would thus participate in the eviction of toxic waste from the body through the urine. It is also recommended to help dissolve kidney stone formations. It has a soothing action on the epidermis and is also indicated for its anti-inflammatory qualities that come to reduce the strength of the pain felt.

Lemon juice
Lemon is a fruit with many virtues for those who suffer severely from gout. Thanks to its vitamin C content, it is an important ally to guard against the pain of inflammation.

You can increase the effectiveness of its action by combining it with a little baking soda daily to optimize the results.

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger would be very effective in the treatment of certain conditions such as arthritis, gout or osteoarthritis, according to a study. Its components play a most effective role in the prevention of gout attacks and the alleviation of pain through their healing power.

Cherry juice and more?
English researchers have shown interest in drinking cherry juice 30 to 60 ml daily to prevent seizures. Researchers have shown that as a result of eating cherry juice, the uric acid level, responsible for gout, is declining.

Foods to remove from your diet
To help you get better, it is best to reduce or even eliminate certain foods from your diet. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

- Fried foods in general
- Offal
- The cold cuts
- Very fermented cheeses
- Meats of game
- Fat sauces such as mayonnaise
- Sardines
- Anchovies

It is not recommended to take lemon in case of burns or stomach ulcers, and in case of citrus allergy. Also, this treatment is to be used in a preventive framework and in case of pains light to moderate. It is necessary to seek the advice of your doctor if your pain intensifies.
Lemon Green Juice To Suppress The Crystallization Of Uric Acid