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Here Are 6 Ways To Lose Weight And Burn Fat At Home

It must be admitted, we have at least once, dreamed of this perfect body that the tabloids promote. So have a slim figure, but especially ...

It must be admitted, we have at least once, dreamed of this perfect body that the tabloids promote. So have a slim figure, but especially a flat stomach. These fantasies are often crushed under the weight of reality. Abdominal fats are hard to eliminate, and require an iron will. Here are 6 ways to eliminate them naturally inspired by Pamela Smith's book "Why you can not lose weight".

These 6 methods are natural while being effective. They will prevent you from considering cosmetic surgery to achieve your goal. Just apply them and get an unwavering motivation, thinking of the result you will get.

Burn Fat At Home

Control your diet

This may seem like a drastic step, but it is not. This is to keep an eye on the caloric intake of the foods you consume, to ensure some weighting in your diet. There is no question of doing long research every time you want to get a food, but to enjoy the benefits of modern life. There are several applications, some free, that list a database of foods with their caloric intake. So dial the dish you want, and you will have the calorie intake depending on the ingredients. Some apps even scan the food bar code for that.

To calculate the number of calories you are supposed to consume per day, as part of a weight loss project, the method of Haris and Benedict can help you. Just follow the following calculation method:

For humans = [13,7516 x Weight (in kg)] + [500.33 x Height (in m)] - (6,7550 x Age) + 66,473
For the woman: [9.5634 x Weight (in kg)] + [184.96 x Height (in m)] - (4.6756 x Age) + 655.0955

2- Physical exercise:
We can not tell you enough, slim down starts with a good exercise program. To get rid of your abdominal fat, here are 3 exercises you can do at home:

The board: this is a hardening exercise hard enough at first, but very effective. Sit on your forearms and toes, your body aligned. Contract your belly while trying to stay upright. Start with 20 seconds then gradually increase.

Burn Fat At Home

Plank with arteries: For this second exercise, you will need slight alterations of one kilogram. Follow the same principle as the exercise of the board, alternating one arm folded on the sides then another, with intervals of 10 and 20 seconds.

Lose Weight And Burn Fat At Home

Sit-up: Begin by lying on your back with your legs bent. Lift your shoulders by contracting your abs and then relax by bringing your head to the ground.

3.Increase your fiber intake
Several studies have made it possible to establish the link still the consumption of fibers and the reduction of the fatty mass in the belly. It turns out that an increase in the amount of soluble fiber consumed by 10 grams, implies a reduction of 3.7% in the risk of developing abdominal fat. The fibers promote the development of good bacteria in your intestinal flora, which promotes the breakdown of abdominal fat.

Avoid carbohydrate consumption
Carbohydrates are the number one enemy of the abdominals. They promote the increase of the glycemic index in the blood, which promotes the storage of fat, especially in the abdomen. You can find them under several denominations on food labels such as sucrose or corn syrup.

5.Consume more protein
A protein-enriched diet encourages weight loss while reducing fat storage. This reduces the fat mass in favor of muscle mass. What help you to have that flat stomach that you want.

Hydrate yourself enough
To achieve your goal, it is important to hydrate yourself properly, ie a minimum of 2 liters per day. Water, according to this study, induces thermogenesis and promotes weight loss.