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There Are 5 Types Of Feet: Each Indicating A Particular Type Of Personality

Morphopsychology's principle is to study the shape of the body and the face, in order to reveal character traits that are often buried...

Morphopsychology's principle is to study the shape of the body and the face, in order to reveal character traits that are often buried and unconscious. The general outline is thus scanned psychologically, without forgetting the other physical parts of the body such as the hands or the feet, which in turn indicate characteristic aspects of the personality.

It turns out that the reading of the shape of the feet can reveal traits inherent to the personality. This precise analysis of the toes and based on the alignment of the toes, could give an insight into our behaviors and our ways of thinking and living. So, even taken with a pinch of salt, it is always fun to know its meaning.

Types Of Feet

There are, for this purpose, 5 forms of running feet. Let's discover together their meaning.

Egyptian foot

Types Of Feet

This foot is characterized by a symmetry of the toes; the big toe being longer than the others. Those who have the shape of Egyptian feet are considered to have a sovereign temperament, and often remain sociable and balanced. Very focused on culture and discovery, they are on the lookout for new experiences, acquired most frequently during their multiple trips. In addition, their ability to listen and understand them is worth the quality of being empathic, aware of the emotional source of others; they do not judge, avoid conflict and seek peace on their way. In other words, they embody the compassion that unfortunately is often seen as a weakness. Some may even regret living with this quality that only generates suffering in their lives.

Roman foot

Types Of Feet

According to this type of foot, the first three toes are long while the other two are shorter. This morphology of feet denotes a bold character with increased sociability. Those who have this form of foot embody carelessness and sometimes show irresponsibility in the face of serious situations and conflicts. They yearn for a festive life full of fun and enjoyment. Often referred to as peeps, humor and good humor are usually part of their daily lives.

Greek foot

Types Of Feet

This form of foot is characterized by the second toe which is longer than the others. Thus, people who have this type of feet do not lack creativity or motivation to give birth to new innovative ideas, even if their impulsiveness leads them in most cases to permanent stress, and for good reason, their bad decisions often thoughtless. In addition, they are known to have a changing mood. And often, the reason for their unpleasant behavior is due to their past experiences, which are negative in most cases. Disappointments and betrayals have been the consequences of their life, which has been fundamentally unhappy.

Germanic foot

Types Of Feet

With this type of foot, the big toe is wide, while the others are identical and of the same height. People with this type of foot, are characterized by a sensitive, calm and rather reliable temperament. However, they remain pragmatic with a spirit of analysis and logic, relying only on their judgment based mostly on a plausible examination. Extremely thoughtful, they make their decisions after careful consideration, ignoring the emotions they see as an enemy of Cartesian reasoning.

Celtic foot

Types Of Feet

Like the Germanic foot, this foot is characterized by a second toe longer but also by the third which is also higher in relation to the others. Considered a rare person, people with this characteristic are considered more ambitious and eccentric than others. They are often differentiated by their atypical personality, marked by a surprising logic, not liking to identify with the common mortals and stand out by their extravagant way of thinking and thinking. Also, they often come to impose new and innovative ideas and their secret lies in their ability to turn away from toxic people and negative waves that prevent them from achieving their dreams and achieve their desired goal.