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6 Amazing Use Of Lemon That People Do Not Know

6 Amazing Use Of Lemon That People Do Not Know

Cultivated for nearly 2500 years, the small yellow fruit originated in Asia, in the Kashmir region. Through the Silk Road to the Middle East, citrus fruit has distinguished itself by its therapeutic virtues that would have earned the interest of Avicenna, one of the greatest scholars of the Persian Empire, to fight fever and improve the immune response. Indeed, from its bark to its pulp, lemon is full of health benefits.

Rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, the citrus flagship detox and home remedies stands out from other plants by its versatility to prevent and relieve many ailments of everyday life. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and dynamiser of the liver, it acts on the digestion, the immunity, the hepatic activity and even the weight for those who wish to integrate it into their diet.

And the lemon never ceases to amaze us! Its virtues for the skin give it the status of a real Swiss knife because the multi function citrus cleanses, cleans and purifies the epidermis. Ally women everyday, it is a beauty ingredient is unanimous among fans of the tricks of grandmothers and natural care.

Use Of Lemon

Zoom on preparations and benefits of lemon :

Lemon: a healthy ally
The citrus that excites your taste buds could not be easier to integrate into your daily life. To regain energy and improve your health, simply mix the fresh juice with a glass of warm water in the morning, and drink it preferably on an empty stomach. Remember that vitamin C oxidizes quickly in the open air and it is better to consume it right after pressing it! This will:

Strengthen the immune system
With the vitamin C it contains, lemon would be a strong ally to strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases related to cold. Its antibacterial action is, according to a scientific article, an additional barrier to fight against pathogens.

Improve intestinal transit
Draining and detoxifying, lemon improves transit by allowing the body to eliminate toxins. Associated with warm water, citrus fruit would have a purifying effect on the digestive system. Virtues recognized by Ayurvedic traditions, as the author Sabine Mazloum explains in the book Manger juste !. Do not forget its zest rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that would accelerate the transit of the colon and relieve constipation problems, while protecting the gut microbiota.

Stimulate the liver
In times of excesses or celebrations, liver activity may slow down, overloaded by a diet too rich, and this is where the lemon comes in. As the dietitian Florence Foucaut explains, the citric acid of the citrus fruit will stimulate the bile produced by the liver, thus facilitating the digestion of fats. Furthermore, scientists have observed in an in-vivo study hepato-protective effects of lemon juice on a liver damaged by alcohol.

Find a sharper skin
The citric acid of the citrus fruit will regulate the excess of sebum, gently exfoliate the skin and tighten the pores for a cleaner and toned face. Its astringent activity will dry acne pimples but be careful not to abuse it to not irritate your skin.

How to use it ? Bring a half of lemon (organic) that you sprinkle lightly with sugar by adding a few drops of almond oil. Make circular movements on your face by focusing on the T zone and taking care to avoid sensitive areas (eyes, mouth). Leave for 1 minute then rinse with clear water.

Prevent the appearance of wrinkles
Rich in vitamin C, lemon has effective antioxidant properties to fight against the action of free radicals responsible for cellular aging. Indeed, according to one study, vitamin C would act against photoaging and hyperpigmentation, while fighting against tissue inflammation and promoting their regeneration.

How to use Lemon ?
Mix in equal parts a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. Massage the face for 3 to 5 minutes with this care and rinse thoroughly with clear water. This routine will be adopted twice a week for optimal results.

Purify the scalp
As for the face, lemon helps regulate excess sebum in the scalp, responsible for the appearance of dandruff and the shiny appearance of hair. With sebum regulating properties, citrus helps to cleanse the scalp for healthy and shiny hair.

Mix the juice of half a lemon with a large volume of water and use this mixture in rinsing water after your usual shampoo.

Warnings :
Lemon is prohibited in case of ulcer, heartburn or citrus allergy. It is also photosensitizing, so its use is not recommended before exposure to the sun.