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8 Bad Bedtime Habits That Make You Gain Weight

8 Bad Bedtime Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Combined with a diet rich in fats and sugars, an unhealthy lifestyle can quickly impact our figure and lead us irreparably to obesity. To maintain your health, it is essential to completely rethink your diet and habits. Did you know that your nocturnal rituals could greatly impact your weight gain? Here are eight bad habits to ban at bedtime. By taking these restrictions into account, you will see that you will lose weight without dieting.

Without realizing it, we can have bad habits for our line. Beyond a rich diet and little variety, rituals can greatly impact our weight gain. Did you know that your nighttime habits may be partly responsible for being overweight? And for good reason, at bedtime, our metabolism slows down and facilitates the storage of fat. Here are eight night habits to proscribe to monitor his line. The sixth is the most crucial.

Bad Bedtime Habits Gain Weight

1- Dinner copiously
Eating hearty portions at dinner time is a habit to avoid if you want to lose weight. And for good reason, shortly before bedtime our metabolism slows down and becomes more prone to storing fat. Lighten your evening meals, allow you to sleep better, to digest more easily but also to lose weight. A small ration of fiber with protein sources is ideal for a dietetic dinner with lightness. This habit will allow you to find the line without depriving you during the day.

2- To wake up late
Those who tend to sniff in the morning prefer a breakfast on the go or skip this meal, essential to a balanced lifestyle. Putting your alarm clock earlier gives you time to prepare and savor your breakfast without constraints. A hearty and quick breakfast can make you more inclined to cravings. So many reasons to take the time to prepare a highly dietary meal that will sustain you until lunch time.

3- Do not get enough sleep
To sully the sandman is a deleterious habit for your health but also for your line. And for good reason, nights too short impact your stress level, which is responsible for increasing the levels of cortisol, a hormone responsible for storing fat, as this study suggests. Sleeping a restful sleep for at least seven hours will allow you to feel fit and be less vulnerable to cravings induced by stress and bad mood.

4- Drink coffee at dinner time
Drinking a little black coffee at dinner time is often a special time for Arabica lovers. Yet, this ritual is harmful to the line because, as noted above, staying awake at night is not recommended for weight loss. Prefer infusions or verbena to help you fall asleep and relax before going to bed.

5- Do not play sports
A sedentary lifestyle is largely responsible for many daily ills. Joint pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, as many consequences potentially induced by the lack of regular physical activity. Those who shirk exercise burn fewer calories than their sports counterparts, and store more fat. Sufficient arguments to integrate physical exercise gradually into its routine.

6- Eat before bedtime
If it is harmful to eat copiously, eating a few minutes before bedtime is just as good for your line. And for good reason, it can affect the quality of your sleep and your metabolism does not eliminate fat as effectively. To remedy this, eat at least 3 hours before joining Morpheus.

7- Use screens before bedtime
This habit is harmful for your quality of sleep and therefore has direct consequences on your line. Because of their blue light, the screens delay the time of your bed and reduce the state of relaxation conducive to sleep. To remedy this, ban the screens from your bedroom or stop using them at least 30 minutes before sleeping.

8- Nibble
Rich and nutritious snacks can directly impact your figure. If you can not resist a small snack between meals, prefer nuts or fruits. A study has also shown that a diet enriched with nuts could promote weight loss. These will bring you the necessary amount of fiber to trigger the feeling of satiety.