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This Delicious Drink After Meals Helps To Lose Weight

This Delicious Drink After Meals Helps To Lose Weight

Combined with a diet rich and little varied, the sedentary lifestyle can significantly tamp down your figure. To regain weight quickly, it is essential to completely rethink your diet. Sustained physical activity, new food program, dietetic follow-up, all necessary steps to find the line. This grapefruit and honey drink has slimming mechanisms. Spotlight on the benefits of this ideal health drink to say goodbye to unnecessary pounds.

A period of carelessness can permanently impact our silhouette and leave place for unsightly bulges. To focus on thinness and well-being, it is essential to rethink your diet to favor dietary foods and highly nutritious. The ingredients of this drink are part of it. This healthy beverage with grapefruit and honey prepares your body for weight loss.

Drink After Meals Helps To Lose Weight

The benefits of grapefruit

Grapefruit, your slimming ally
Poor in calories, waterlogged and rich in fiber, citrus straight from Malaysia is a favorite food when you want to lose weight. And for good reason, its fibers are essential to trigger the sensation of satiety sought to resist cravings. But that's not all: the fruit of grapefruit inhibits certain enzymes responsible for storing fat and has reducing virtues of blood sugar. According to this study, the regular consumption of the pink-fleshed citrus fruit allows to observe a significant loss of its weight.

Grapefruit, to fight against cholesterol
Did you know that citrus fruit can actively fight against the presence of cholesterol? Studies do not fail: the grapefruit fruit significantly inhibits the presence of triglycerides, the "bad cholesterol" in the blood. Reason enough to invite this food more often in our smoothies and fruit salads!

Grapefruit, your detox partner
The depurative virtues of grapefruit make citrus a favorite food in our punctual detox treatments. Full of antioxidants, he struggles against the free radicals responsible for premature cell aging and the appearance of diseases.

Grapefruit, your youth ally
Grapefruit is ideal to preserve its youth capital. And for good reason, the citrus is packed with vitamin C, a nutrient essential to boost the production of collagen essential to fight against aging tissues and loss of elasticity. According to this study published in the scientific journal Nutrients, the regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps preserve the elasticity of the skin. An argument sufficient to consume more grapefruit, real juices youth.

Grapefruit, to fight against insomnia
Did you know that grapefruit fruit could help you fight against sleep disorders? We owe these sedative properties to one of its active compounds, tryptophan. According to this study, citrus fruit is particularly recommended for treating insomnia.

The benefits of honey:

Honey, a healthy alternative to sugar
Exit white and red sugar, give way to honey in your drinks! This natural sweetener is not only good for health but also less caloric than sugar. According to this study published in the review Nutrients, the bee product regulates the glycemic rate but also prevents weight gain.

Honey, allied with your digestion
Transit difficult? Honey is then a natural remedy. And for good reason, it contains many enzymes that facilitate the absorption of food and digestive activity. According to this study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, consumption helps regulate the gastrointestinal flora. Reason enough to invite this natural sweetener more often in our health drinks!

How to prepare my diet drink?
To observe conclusive results on your health, we advise you to obtain ingredients of biological origin.


- 2 grapefruits
- 1 lemon
- Two tablespoons of honey


- Press grapefruit and lemon with a juicer
- Dilute the drink with water according to your convenience
- Add honey to it
- Keep the drink cool for 30 minutes before savoring it.

Use :
Drink this drink on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast

Caution :

- The consumption of citrus is not recommended in case of heartburn or ulcers
- Honey is prohibited for people with diabetes and for children under one year old.