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These Why Doctors Urge Parents To Keep Their Children's Baby Teeth

These Why Doctors Urge Parents To Keep Their Children's Baby Teeth

Some parents have become accustomed to keeping their children's baby teeth. Generally, adults try to appease children who lose their teeth by offering them coins in exchange. What if the milk teeth were worth more than you imagined? According to an article relayed by the Daily Mail, this ritual could actually save lives ...

Inspired by Lee Rogow's "The Tooth Fairy" tale in 1949, the little mouse's ritual of exchanging lost baby teeth for money has been going on for generations. Indeed, when the little ones leave their baby teeth under the pillow during the night, a little mouse sneaks in to retrieve them and swap them for gifts or coins. This sweet legend has helped children to wipe their tears when they lost a tooth, but also to help parents instill in their babies the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. We all know that the mouse prefers white teeth and healthy!

Keep Their Children's Baby Teeth

Keeping children's milk teeth to preserve intact stem cells

In the past, parents who decided to keep their children's baby teeth did not expect to learn that this technique could have its benefits. But today, scientific advances have focused on the benefits of using baby teeth to cure multiple diseases. Indeed, scientific research carried out in China by several renowned researchers has shown that the baby teeth could allow to renew damaged blood vessels and repair weakened dental tissues. In fact, it turned out that the infant teeth contained intact stem cells, capable of continually renewing themselves and substituting for any other stem cell. According to Shongtao Shi, a professor of dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania, "This treatment gives patients a new sensation. If you give them hot or cold stimulation, they can feel it. They have live teeth again. "

The baby teeth could protect the organs and prevent several diseases

According to Sara Rankin, Professor of Biology, on BBC, stem cells can be stored and used for therapeutic purposes. Indeed, the cells found in the milk teeth are the same as those found in the umbilical cord and could therefore be used to fight against multiple pathologies. Thus, these stem cells could be used in a few years to treat not only dental problems but also certain neural tissue lesions and degenerative disorders.

However, to benefit from all their virtues, the baby teeth must be extracted before falling. Indeed, the biologist says that the dental pulp must be intact to preserve the properties of the stem cells. In addition, the baby teeth must be kept in a box at a temperature below 190 ° C.

Stem cell storage banks

As you will have understood, for the milk teeth to be reusable, they must meet certain conditions of extraction and conservation. In the interests of ethics, the use of stem cells for therapeutic purposes is still prohibited in France. Nevertheless, this practice is spreading in Switzerland with the establishment of some stem cell storage banks. For example, the Futur Health Biobank group proposes to extract and store stem cells from children's milk teeth for 25 to 75 years. However, this operation costs no less than 2595 Swiss francs, or nearly 2252 euros! If this practice seems to be expensive, you can keep your child's baby teeth in your home and make sure that the optimal conditions are met.