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The Famous Oatmeal And Lemon Drink To Get Rid Of 4 Pounds In 5 Days

The Famous Oatmeal And Lemon Drink To Get Rid Of 4 Pounds In 5 Days

Many people spend months or even years trying to lose their extra pounds. As a result, they multiply diets hoping to find the one that will finally allow them to achieve their goal. But the fats are stubborn and difficult to destock. However, taking the time to take an interest in nutrition and applying some golden rules, any overweight person can eliminate their extra fat and find a harmonious silhouette.

There is no secret: to lose weight, care must be taken to establish a healthy lifestyle in everyday life. To do this, you do not need to implement a restrictive diet but only to consume foods able to attack your fat cells. In this sense, we present in this article an extremely effective slimming drink that will help you lose a few extra pounds in just 5 days.

Oatmeal And Lemon Drink To Get Rid Of 4 Pounds In 5 Days

A diet of oatmeal and lemon drink
Ideal for boosting your feeling of fullness and reducing your diet naturally and without frustration, this high-fiber drink is to be consumed throughout the day.


- 2 yellow lemons
- Oat bran
- 1 liter of water

NB: Use ingredients of biological origin to avoid ingesting pesticides or other chemicals.

Put 2 tablespoons of oat bran in one liter of water. Then squeeze a lemon and stir in the juice. Mix everything. Then, cut your second lemon into slices and put it with the rest of the ingredients. Let the mixture sit for 2 hours. Consume this drink throughout the day, while ensuring a balanced diet.

Why is this drink so effective?
This drink will become your most valuable slimming ally. Indeed, the two ingredients selected have proven virtues in the management of body weight.

The benefits of oats:

Very rich in soluble fiber, oat bran has been the key ingredient of Dr. Dukan's famous diet. According to a scientific experiment conducted on healthy people, the consumption of oat-based cereals at breakfast significantly reduces energy intake during the day. Indeed, oats have an appetite suppressant effect because it increases the feeling of satiety. In addition, it has been proven that consuming water with oat bran before meals reduces the glycemic response by about 4%. It is therefore an ingredient that has its place as part of a process of weight loss.

The benefits of lemon:

Celebrated by the stars for its slimming properties, lemon fights body fat while taking care of the body. Indeed, this citrus is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Thus, it protects the body from damage caused by oxidative stress and fight against cellular aging. Moreover, a scientific study indicates that thanks to the polyphenols it contains, the lemon is a powerful slimming partner. Indeed, its components help reduce body fat significantly and better control weight.

Tips to lose weight permanently
To get rid of extra pounds, it is necessary to abolish bad habits. Here are some tips to help you achieve your weight loss goal and maintain your healthy weight:

- Moisturize all day long: Drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day. In addition to its importance to preserve all of your organs, water stimulates your metabolism and participates in your weight loss initiative.

- Eat starchy foods by focusing on wholegrain cereals, breakfast and lunch: Starchy foods do not make you fat, they keep you satisfied and limit the calories of dinner.

- In the same direction, try light dinner and do not go to bed just after the meal. Take your dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed

- Eat at least three vegetables and two fruits each day

- Favor lean proteins (white fish and poultry) while consuming fatty fish (salmon, mackerel ...) twice a week

- Do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day: walk, bike, walk with your dog ... The most important thing is to move!

- Do not weigh yourself more than once a week to evaluate your results effectively.