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Forget The Lemon Water: Here Is The New Drink Recommended To Slim Down

Forget The Lemon Water: Here Is The New Drink Recommended To Slim Down

Was weight loss a nightmare for you? Have you ever tried every possible way: grandma's diets, exercises, and tricks? But you can not do it? Do not be discouraged before trying this new trend: a grapefruit and rosemary drink for effective weight loss while detoxifying your body.

When you go shopping, there are many ingredients and aromatic herbs that you do not stop at often. You surely did not know all that it could bring you as benefits. This new trend based on grapefruit and rosemary, will make these two foods the new essentials of your shopping list.

Forget The Lemon Water

The benefits of food

When you think of losing weight, foods like lemon and ginger are the first ones that come to your mind. But have you ever thought about grapefruit? It is low in calories while being rich in nutrients. With 52 calories at the most, it covers your daily vitamin C intake by up to 64%, and 28% for vitamin A. It also contains fibers that help regulate your appetite, giving you more satiety, and improve transit and digestion and better absorption of food.

The usefulness of grapefruit for weight loss has been demonstrated by several studies. An observation on 91 individuals led to a more pronounced weight loss for the group who had a glass of grapefruit juice before each meal. It is rich in vitamin C, which promotes the synthesis of norepinephrine, and helps burn fat. It also contains a good dose of antioxidants, making it a valuable asset for detox cures.

Rosemary is known for its culinary virtues that add a sweet aromatic note to your dishes. But it is also helpful in promoting digestion, and helping regulate weight and lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Combining its benefits with grapefruit will give you all the virtues you need to lose weight and detoxify your body. This will also give you a flavored drink that will delight your taste buds.

  • ½ grapefruit, preferably of biological origin
  • Some rosemary leaves
  • Warm water

Start by harvesting the grapefruit juice, mix it with warm water and add the rosemary leaves. Have a drink each day for a week, preferably on an empty stomach. Remember that a good detox and weight loss first and foremost requires sufficient hydration and a healthy diet. A change in your lifestyle is necessary to have more convincing results. Remember to support your weight loss project with regular physical exercises.

If you are on medical treatment, you should know that grapefruit blocks an enzyme that promotes the assimilation of medical products. The drug enters without being transformed into the bloodstream, which can lead to overdoses.