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Give Me Your Last Name And I'll Tell You Things About Your Personality

Give Me Your Last Name And I'll Tell You Things About Your Personality

We had a tendency to think that our last name was simply a coincidence. Indeed, we had neither the faculty to choose nor to modify this name since it was attributed to us well before our arrival on Earth. Nevertheless, the family name remains valuable and constitutes a part of the identity of everyone. Thus, it contains a particular energy that characterizes our being.

Give Me Your Last Name

Taken from the two pseudosciences of astrology and numerology, Rosa Maria Cifuentes has written a book called "The magic of your name". Thanks to this masterpiece, the author has enabled millions of readers to learn more about themselves and to identify some buried energies based on the calculation of the number of heredity.

Last Name

How to calculate the number of heredity?

In numerology, this number represents certain traits of your personality, inherited by your parents. Each letter refers to a particular number.

You must therefore count the sum of the digits that make up your last name to get your number of heredity. However, this number must be between 1 and 9. So if you count the numbers and you get a two-digit number, you must add them.

- Your last name is SMITH:

The sum of the numbers that refer to the first name is: 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 24 (2 + 4) = 6

Results interpretation :

If your number of heredity is 1:
You are a strong person who displays a proud and independent character. Guided by the sun, you like to surpass yourself and go after your goals. On the other hand, you are generous and you try to take care of those whom you cherish. Nevertheless, you may be jealous of certain people, but you usually get to calm down your negative emotions.

If your number of heredity is 2:
Very sensitive, you are under the umbrella of lunar cycles. You are not very conscious of all the energy that lives in you. Indeed, you constantly doubt yourself and you have trouble making decisions. You must learn to trust yourself and to exploit your full potential.

If your number of heredity is 3:
Protected by Mercury, you are driven by an insatiable curiosity. Indeed, you like to develop your knowledge and live new experiences on a daily basis. Communicative, you have a relational ease that allows you to share your ideas and to build social bonds very quickly.

If your inheritance number is 4:
Under the eye of Uranus, you are very organized and you show an implacable logic. In fact, you have solid principles that govern your whole life. When you have to make important decisions, you think right without being influenced by others.

If your number of heredity is equal to 5:
The planet Mercury guides you daily. Insightful, you are constantly evolving and you continue your quest for success. Very active, you can not stand the routine and you need to be in motion to fully flourish.

If your number of heredity is equal to 6:
Under the force of Venus, you live with charm and passion. Hungry for art and poetry, you are sensitive and romantic. You tend to daydream and look for the hidden beauty of every being you meet. Indeed, you are head in the air and you have trouble taking your responsibilities on a daily basis.

If your number of heredity is 7:
Guided by Neptune, you are stable and thoughtful. You are rigorous and you know how to put in place concrete means to reach your objectives. A stiff strand, you prefer to be alone only with unpredictable or frivolous people.

If your number of heredity is 8:
Under the eye of Saturn, you are ambitious and you like challenges. Indeed, you have a penchant for adventure and risk taking. In addition, you are open-minded and you like to share your experiences with others.

If your number of heredity is 9:
Guided by Mars, you are loving and caring. You have a lot of love to offer, and you have tremendous satisfaction when you help others. In search of harmony, you try to spread the joy and sweetness around you.