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The Hard-boiled Mayo Diet Is A Healthy Way To Lose 12 Pounds In 14 Days (Full Menu)

The Hard-boiled Mayo Diet Is A Healthy Way To Lose 12 Pounds In 14 Days (Full Menu)

Boiled, poached, soft, hard or flat, eggs are available in a plethora of preparations to delight your taste buds and bring you a good dose of daily protein. Effective for maintaining and strengthening your muscles, they are also slimming allies of choice that allow you to monitor your line thanks to their satiating effect. An American clinic would have made the flagship ingredient of his diet: The Mayo Diet. Zoom on this low calorie program, its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

Associated with The Mayo Clinic in the 1980s, the Mayo diet is based on almost exclusive egg consumption for 14 days. His daily intake is capped at 1000 calories per day for a considerable weight loss. An enticing promise that attracts fervent supporters of "express diets" but that puzzles many nutritionists because of its lack of nutritional variety. Here is the typical menu of one week to follow for 14 days:

Mayo Diet

Does Mayo Diet Really Work?

For two weeks, breakfast will invariably include grapefruit, 2 hard boiled eggs, a whole wheat slice and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

Day 1
Lunch: 100 g of white meat (or 2 boiled eggs) + a portion of greens + a coffee or tea without sugar

Dinner: a tomato + 2 boiled eggs + a sugar free infusion

Day 2
Lunch: salad with tomato, lettuce, celery and cucumber + 100 g of white meat + tea or coffee without sugar

Dinner: a grapefruit + 2 boiled eggs

Day 3
Lunch: chicken salad (100 g), cucumber and celery + pan fried green vegetables + tea or coffee without sugar

Dinner: fresh spinach with tomatoes + 2 boiled eggs + sugar free infusion

Day 4
Lunch: 2 boiled eggs + one cauliflower roasted in the oven + 50 g fresh cheese + a whole wheat slice

Dinner: 100 g of chicken breast + fresh spinach + sugar-free infusion

Day 5
Lunch: a wholemeal sandwich + 100 g of fish white seasoned with lemon juice + broccoli, spinach and sauteed green beans with garlic

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + grilled asparagus + green vegetable soup

Day 6
Lunch: 100 g of turkey breast + tomato + grapefruit + sugar free infusion

Dinner: Fruits at will + 2 boiled eggs

Day 7
Lunch: 100 g of chicken breast (or two boiled eggs) with green beans and grilled zucchini + grated carrots

Dinner: white fish (100 g) steamed + tomato + grapefruit + sugar free infusion

What about the Mayo diet

Effective on the short term, unbalanced in the long run. A very common opinion among nutrition specialists and because the Mayo diet incorporates very little milk, starch or vegetables in its menu, and formally prohibits any consumption of sugar, alcohol, soft drinks or fat added. He recommends about 4 to 6 eggs per day combined with a menu that must be followed to the letter to observe conclusive results. Damien Galtier, dietitian and nutritionist believes that this diet is incompatible with a normal lifestyle, with too many deficiencies and an energy intake lower than recommended daily caloric intake to provide the body nutrients essential to its proper functioning.

Thus, if the Mayo diet can lose weight, it is important to know that its effectiveness is only punctual and that a post-stabilization period is essential to avoid the yo-yo effect that is there associates. In addition, it is essential to include more fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks with nuts or almonds to avoid significant deficiencies.

If you still want to follow him to lose weight or boost your efforts over a longer period, choose a calm period to overcome the fatigue it can cause and have a specialist accompany you to assess your health . Hydration throughout the Mayo diet is obviously crucial. To know also that it can not be followed more than once a year.

Warnings :
Although a majority of the blood cholesterol is produced by the liver, it is nevertheless recommended to consume eggs in moderation, including lipid-rich yellow.

Before starting any type of diet, a medical opinion is strongly advised to evaluate your state of health.