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How To Hold Your Bag Determines Your Personality Type

How To Hold Your Bag Determines Your Personality Type

Bag Determines Your Personality Type

How do you usually wear your handbag? A simple answer to this question can actually reveal several traits of your personality. Indeed, certain habits and daily gestures do not emanate from our conscious mind but from this hidden part of the brain: the unconscious. When we try to understand the decision-making mechanisms, we realize how complex the human brain is.

In a logic of introspection, more and more people are interested in the power of their subconscious and its influence on their lives. By dwelling on their way of thinking, perceiving and acting in certain situations, they can have access to a better knowledge of themselves.

In this article, we help you in this process of introspection by analyzing how you carry your bag.

Personality Type

Look at the picture, which character do you identify with?

1st character: You carry the bag on your back
If you carry your bag on the back, it means that you like to go on an adventure and to live new experiences. Indeed, you do not necessarily want to please others and you live your life as you see fit. Dynamic, you like to be on the move and meet new people. You are playful and you like to spread the joy around you. Nevertheless, you sometimes fail to fulfill your obligations and look for pleasures deemed ephemeral. In reality, you prefer to live from day to day without tiring yourself to do things you do not like. You tend to get criticism from others, but you do not really pay attention to it.

2nd character: You carry the bag in your hand
Hungry for beauty, you are elegant and full of charm. Organized, you like to set up an action plan before reaching your goals. Indeed, you often need to take control and anticipate events to avoid the unexpected. Unfortunately, the vagaries of life do not always prevent you and you must learn how to manage them. Despite the respect that your character arouses, you live under constant pressure that prevents you from enjoying many things.

3rd character: You wear the bag on the shoulder
Insightful and confident, you can impose your ideas on others. You are smart and know exactly what to do to get everything you want. In addition, you are very ambitious and aspire to a successful future. You are not afraid to take risks to evolve on a daily basis.

4th character: You carry the shoulder bag shoulder-style
You are very sociable and generous. Indeed, you like to share precious moments with your loved ones. You never hesitate to bring your help and your benevolent advice to those who need it. Moreover, you are frank and never let yourself be influenced by others. Thanks to your authenticity, you inspire confidence.

5th character: You carry the bag in front of you
Original, you are proud to affirm your difference and to make your own way of life. In fact, you are not cold-hearted and refuse to comply with rules you do not really adhere to. In addition, you are direct and dare to say aloud what others think in a low voice.