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Learn How To Use Lemon And Salt To Clean Your Kitchen

Learn How To Use Lemon And Salt To Clean Your Kitchen

Do you want to start your big autumn cleaning? You have used all the products available in supermarkets to make your kitchen flawless but it was not enough? Not very effective, too expensive or too harmful? Do not look any further. We have the method you need. This technique combining lemon and salt will allow you to clean your kitchen thoroughly.

We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If only for the different daily meals, this equates to more than half of the day between preparation, washing up, storage and cleaning. Some like to spend time working, chatting or drinking their coffee. Feeling comfortable is essential. Except that it can go from impeccable and very clean to a chaotic state in minutes. Adopt this unstoppable technique to fix it and make it cleaner.

Lemon And Salt To Clean Your Kitchen

Lemon and salt: your best allies for a clean house

Lemon is known to be an excellent antibacterial. In addition to cleaning dirt, it helps eliminate bacteria and remove odors. If you have already heard about the lightening and anti-blemish virtues of lemon, know that this is also true for objects. It will help you to perfectly clean your worktop, especially if it is wood.

The action of lemon will be even more effective if it is associated with salt. It helps to spread the smell of lemon and keep clean air. Salt will allow you to better clean your worktop and unclog the most stubborn residues. Its abrasive action will allow you to eliminate dirt even in the corners of the most difficult to access.

How to use Lemon and Salt?

Against smell: To do this, cut a lemon into three or four quarters. Sprinkle them with salt and leave them on your worktop for a moment so that their deodorizing action can unfold. You can also use them by rubbing the grills of your ovens and the shelves of the refrigerator for an antibacterial action which will at the same time eliminate the nauseating smells.

To clean your cutting boards: You can use lemon and salt to clean your wooden planks that tend to retain bacteria and moisture. This will then disinfect and clean them.

To clean the bottom of pans: Lemon and salt are also very useful for cleaning burnt pans. It will suffice to rub the bottom with a slice of lemon and coarse salt so that the citric acid citrus and the abrasive virtues of salt clear stubborn residues.

Effective allies for all your interior
You can use this technique in other rooms of the house since these ingredients are effective to also eliminate mold and moisture traces. You can then use them for joints in your bathroom by rubbing with a toothbrush you no longer need.

These ingredients are also useful for dishes. You can pour the citrus juice into your coffee pots and kettles to remove the tartar. In addition, salt is effective at removing stubborn residues and fats as well as for shining silverware. Finally, do not hesitate to put salt in your glasses to remove difficult to remove tasks such as tea or coffee. You can repeat the operation every week to maintain a clean and smelling interior.

It is recommended not to leave the lemon in contact with your skin excessively if it is sensitive. This one can be irritated. Namely also that the lemon has a photosensitizing effect. So be sure to rinse your hands before exposing yourself to the sun.