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8 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Often Single

8 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Often Single

Finding a partner is not always easy, especially in a human tide of more than 7 billion people. Especially since the man who will have the chance to share your life will have to support you, to love you and essentially, to accept you as you are. Indeed, the success of a couple requires several ingredients and love alone is not enough to build a relationship. Strong women know something about it ... If you are a part of it, here are 8 reasons why you are alone rather than in love.

Beyond the love that unites a couple, there are notions essential to its sustainability. Respect and acceptance are crucial foundations for evolving in harmony. In addition, the character plays a key role because it determines your compatibility with the other. Whether because of your intimidating personality or your demands, it is likely that you have trouble finding the right person. In addition, you will never agree to give yourself to a person who does not deserve you because you know exactly what you are looking for. Here is a list of reasons why you want to stay single.

Why Strong Women Are Often Single

1- You intimidate others
Your strong personality makes you unconsciously intimidate others, especially if they are weak. Overall, you are a supposed, strong and courageous person. You like to confront your weaknesses to fill the gap that you have. You control your emotions and ignore your fears. Sometimes you point fingers to other people's flaws, thinking it might help them move forward. Only, contrary to what you think, people are not all ready to become aware of their weaknesses. Your remarks reach them deep inside and intimidate them.

2 You make your own decisions
You do not let yourself be influenced by the opinions of others, your decisions are made according to your feelings as well as your own point of view. You do not yield to the standards imposed by society, because you have your own vision of life and know in which direction you lead. You have solid principles and values, so you can resist any kind of pressure.

3 You do not accept mediocrity
You are a person who knows what she wants and who makes the difference between good and bad. As a result, you can easily identify toxic people and unhealthy environments. Aware of what will only annihilate you, you avoid mediocrity at all costs. Your requirements are high and few people reach the level of maturity you are looking for.

4 You can not stand the hypocrites
You are an honest and genuine person who does not like to pretend. When you come across a wrong person, you fled immediately because your instinct easily detects hypocrites. You do not go out of your way when you have something to announce, and you require others to do the same.

5 You do not need validation from others
Confident, the opinion of others does not destabilize you in any case. You know how to question yourself when you need to, but you generally do not care about the judgments of others. You are not arrogant, just independent enough to use your reason and common sense to judge for yourself the nature of your actions.

6You are compassionate, but do not let anyone abuse your kindness
You are a caring and compassionate person, who knows how to intervene and help others when needed, but you do not get fooled. You distinguish people who are just trying to get your attention from those who are really in difficult situations.

7 You follow your heart
Your passion for life fills you with strength and motivation. When you make a thoughtful decision, you follow your heart and go all the way. Nothing can stop you and it is sometimes difficult for others to understand your degree of involvement in your life projects. Some panic, others envy you.

8You are free and independent
You are used to making your decisions alone and do not have any constraints that slow you down in your career. In your opinion, entering into a relationship is therefore tantamount to additional responsibilities and new elements to consider when making your decision.