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7 Secrets Of People Who Managed To Lose More Than 90 Pounds

7 Secrets Of People Who Managed To Lose More Than 90 Pounds

There are thousands of articles and websites that give you tips for losing weight but the results are unconvincing and sources are not always reliable. If you want to lose a lot of weight in a short time, nothing better than following the example of people who have gone through the same ordeal. They have adopted a healthy and balanced lifestyle, have shown perseverance and determination and have achieved their goal. Read their tips for effective weight loss.

Lose More Than 90 Pounds

1- Avoid sweets
Sweets are a major obstacle to losing weight. Many studies have proven the correlation between sugar consumption and obesity. It's best to fill your sugar needs with foods that are naturally sweet like fruits. For example, you can opt for a frozen banana instead of an industrial ice cream.

Tip: Glaze the banana in the freezer for a while, cut it into pieces and add some cocoa powder and organic almond butter and mix everything together. This is a good alternative that will allow you to limit sugar consumption that hinders your weight loss, without frustrating you.

2- Eat healthy foods
If you want to lose weight, it will necessarily eat healthy and balanced. There is no point in skipping meals or eating small amounts. Instead, replace ultra-processed industrial foods, frozen foods and fast foods, known to increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, with vegetables and whole grains rich in fiber. This will allow you to decrease the amount of calories and fill up with micronutrients. In addition, whole foods will boost your metabolism and transit. This is the advice given to you by Laura Eastel who lost about 140 pounds by replacing her diet.

3- Exercise
If you want to lose weight, exercise is important. This will allow you to sculpt your body, work your cardio and especially to feel good about yourself and your head. Do not hesitate to alternate the exercises and focus on outdoor activities, walking, running, cycling to avoid the weariness of the first weeks. Adopt daily behaviors such as climbing stairs rather than taking the elevator among others.

4- Forget the bathroom scale
The scale can quickly become an enemy. There is nothing wrong with weighing once a week, for example on Sundays to take stock of your progress. But this can in some cases become obsessive, nothing is used to weigh more than once a week since you may see no difference and it will only deter you according to Hanna Preston, who lost nearly 50 kg. Persevere, play sports and eat balanced, weigh up to once a week and you will see results.

5- Stay motivated
Most people give up after a few weeks the efforts that have been made and then return to their old ways. If you are feeling frustrated, allow a maximum cheat-meal per week. It is a matter of allowing yourself a caloric dish like a pizza or a burger to avoid the feeling of weariness and to stay motivated to lose weight, provided you do not cheat regularly.

6- Hydrate well!
Drinking lots of water will do you good. This will allow you to lose weight and cut hunger but especially to keep fit and be healthy. Always keep a bottle of water on you, this is the advice that gives you Lorann Brown who managed to lose 80 pounds. This will boost your metabolism and protect your brain. Sometimes people confuse hunger and thirst, if you want to nibble, drink water before you throw on food.

7 - Following these rules:

-Do not skip meals
-Do not consume refined sugar
-Moderate the amount of salt
- Drink more liquid like water and green tea without sugar (more than 2 l per day)
- Exercise at least half an hour a day
-Choose organic and fresh fruits and vegetables
-Do not fry food (you can grill, steam or boil)