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The Shape Of Your Nail Gives Information About Your State Of Mind And Your Personality

The Shape Of Your Nail Gives Information About Your State Of Mind And Your Personality

Your hands and the condition of your nails can give a lot of information on your lifestyle, the time you spend looking after yourself, but also your personality. Indeed, if for you the way to cut your nails seems harmless, know that it's wrong. Their form can actually reveal many secrets. Discover through this test your different character traits according to the shape of your nails.

Do you like spending time with the beautician for a manicure? Or, on the contrary, you neglect them and think that it will go unnoticed? You will certainly change your mind once you have discovered the secrets they have for you. Indeed, the shape of your nails can reveal several elements on your personality. Are you an independent person? determined? Are you one of the leaders or followers? Discover it with this test.

Shape Of Your Nail

You have long nails
Do you tend to grow your nails or have tigress nails installed? It actually means that you are a feminine, sweet and romantic person. You are caring and love to receive love and attention in return. You also have a seductive side that likes to capsize the hearts of men.

You have wide nails
Are your nails wider than long? You are certainly an easy-going and open-minded person. Nevertheless, you also have an undeniable logic. This can cause you some problems in your relationships with others, who may see you as an impulsive or confrontational person.

You have rounded or oval nails
That means you follow the wave and do not ask yourself too many questions. You are up to date on new trends but remain a simple person anyway. You know how to compromise to please others. Be careful, sometimes you may be blamed for being more of a follower than a leader, and your tendency to please others may ultimately hurt you.

You have square nails
The square nails give you a serious and neat appearance, you are certainly a right and correct person! Independent and therefore not very sociable, you are however a trusted person who can be counted in case of concern. You would be an excellent leader and manage to convince your entourage without much difficulty.

You have triangular nails
If your nails are in the shape of A or V, you are a rather creative and sensitive person. You have an extraordinary imagination and can successfully succeed in artistic or creative professions. You are loyal and your sensitivity allows you to better understand those around you, but you sometimes feel a need for isolation and solitude in order to find yourself with yourself.

You have nails in the form of almonds
If you have almond shaped nails, you are a trustworthy person. Generally loyal, honest and spontaneous, you do not hesitate to tell the truth for the good of your loved ones so that you get angry. You are generous and stay with them in the worst moments.

You have the nails in the form of a sword
If you have nails in the form of a sword, it means that you are a free and independent person who does not like the routine. You like to travel and chain new adventures. In love, you tend to get tired quickly and need space. The commitment is not always made for you.