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7 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Protecting You

Angels are powerful divine creatures who live among us without us being able to identify them. Indeed, the celestial guardians manifest th...

Angels are powerful divine creatures who live among us without us being able to identify them. Indeed, the celestial guardians manifest themselves only by phenomena sufficiently subtle not to attract our attention. However, these angels generate positive vibratory frequencies that give us a soothing and reassuring world. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be able to identify the signs that the spiritual waves send us at times.

Who has not dreamed of having a guardian angel who will watch over him in all the trials he goes through? In reality, the idea that a spiritual being can protect us is extremely comforting. Some think that their guardian angel is a deceased loved one, others think it is a divine force. Indeed, these higher beings are looking for unique souls that deserve to be protected.

Guardian Angel

Here are 7 signs that celestial angels are protecting you:

1. The feathers
If you happen to find feathers on your way, it could be feathers of angels. Indeed, this is the first sign that these spiritual guardians are watching over you. Angel feathers can be of various colors, depending on the message that these forces of nature want to send you.

2. The clouds
Clouds often show the presence of angels. That said, depending on the shape of the clouds you are observing, the message that your heavenly guardians will be different. So, if you see clouds in the form of a heart, it means that they love you. If, on the contrary, you see several white flakes in the form of wrinkles, it can predict bad days ahead.

3. The scents
Some people are surprised to smell odors or perfumes emanating from nowhere. Generally, when the source of the scents can not be identified, it is the angels who send you a sign of their presence. The smell of celestial beings is a benevolent message that means they are there to help you in your daily life.

4. Babies and animals
Angels are pure souls that spread peaceful waves. In reality, they know neither evil, nor lies, nor greed. As a result, the only people who can see them are babies and animals. If you see a baby smiling for no reason, this may be due to a private conversation between him and an angel. It's the same if your cat meows for no reason looking in the "empty".

5. The songs
Few people can hear the angels. Nevertheless, these spiritual beings share very singular songs. If you hear music coming from nowhere, it's because the spiritual force is not far away. Pay close attention to the sounds you hear on a daily basis ... Who knows, maybe they will be ready to manifest themselves?

6. The coins
Sometimes the mere fact of finding money, especially in the form of coins, can be a sign that angels are watching over you. When people protected by these spiritual beings express their financial difficulties, they regularly find coins without understanding why.

7. The sparks of light
Angels are made of light. To deliver heavenly messages to humans, they can spread their energy in a subtle way. Thus, when there are reflections or orbs of light without apparent origin, this may be a sign that angels use to remind you that you can count on them.