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7 Signs That Your Liver And Full Of Toxins (And How To Detoxify It)

7 Signs That Your Liver And Full Of Toxins (And How To Detoxify It)

Every day, your body participates in many metabolic processes to ensure optimal health, including through the functions of the liver. This organ is a real workhorse that protects your body every day. In fact, the liver filters the food, stores it, promotes the assimilation of vitamins and minerals absorbed and eliminates organic waste. As you will have understood, he performs several tasks that give him a crucial role in being in good health. Nevertheless, an unhealthy lifestyle can overload with toxins and hinder its optimal functioning.

Our body has a natural cleansing system that consists of the liver, digestive tract, lymphatic system and urinary system. Thus, the body is initially designed to naturally exercise the detoxification process. However, the current lifestyle is filled with toxins, additives and pollution. As a result, this precious organ that is the liver can become congested and weaken gradually.

According to Anthony Berthou, nutritionist specialized in micro-nutrition, these 7 signs show that your liver is overloaded with toxins:

Liver And Full Of Toxins

1- You often feel tired
The accumulation of toxins causes chronic fatigue that manifests itself in weakness felt throughout the body. According to the researchers, fatigue is the most common sign of liver disease. Indeed, this symptom results from a disruption of brain chemistry and hormone levels, caused by hepatic weakness.

2- You have trouble recovering after physical exertion
Feeling exhausted after climbing a floor without a lift? You have trouble walking 10 minutes without sitting on a bench? Do you feel that you just do not have enough breath? This may reveal that you have liver disease.

To prevent these disorders, know that physical exercise is very beneficial for liver health. A study shows that a high-intensity sport followed by a 3-minute recovery period can reduce the fat that accumulates in the liver.

3- You have tinnitus
Tinnitus results from a dysfunction of the auditory nervous system. This symptom is usually benign but can alter the quality of life of those who experience it. According to scientific research, repetitive tinnitus can suggest various diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver or brain damage.

4- You often have migraines
The digestive system is directly related to the brain. As a result, headaches and migraines often seem to result from disruption of digestion. Indeed, when the liver has more difficulty distributing blood in the body, the liver function is slowed down and pressure goes up to the brain, causing severe pain. Thus, it has been proven that gastrointestinal disorders are involved in the occurrence of chronic migraines.

5- You have a disturbed sleep
During the sleep phase, the liver is responsible for cleaning the body of garbage accumulated during the day. But when the hepatic organ is clogged with toxins, it can no longer perform this work. The researchers found that people with cirrhosis of the liver had a disrupted sleep-wake cycle.

6- You have a pale or yellowish complexion
If you have a pale or yellowish complexion, this means that your bilirubin level in the blood increases considerably. A scientific paper explains the potential link between skin abnormalities and liver diseases. So, when your skin changes color, it can reveal that your liver is full of toxins.

7- You have bad breath
When you eat heavy, protein-rich meals the liver takes care of removing excess nitrogen. But if the liver is overloaded, he can not proceed with this process. Nitrogen then rises into the mouth to be otherwise eliminated, causing bad breath.

To clean your liver, it will be recommended to add certain foods or food supplements to your diet: (for the duration of use and the recommended amount, you can rely on the product label)

- Milk Thistle Infusion or Capsule
- Infusion or Capsule of artichoke leaves
- Infusion.
- Black radish juice or capsule.