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3 Tasty Smoothies That Tackle Melt Visceral Fat To Lose Weight

3 Tasty Smoothies That Tackle Melt Visceral Fat To Lose Weight

Belly fat is often stored in the body as a result of multiple overeating and lack of physical activity. In reality, the fat tissue that lodges in the stomach is the most difficult to eliminate. Love handles, bulges and belly are all consequences that can emanate from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Visceral fat often leads to the development of certain complexes that can lead to a hard life on a daily basis. People who suffer from it struggle to cope with the appearance of their figure and are constantly trying to hide their weight by wearing loose clothing. A source of discomfort, this excess fat also promotes the development of various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders.

Fortunately, there are very effective solutions to overcome this unsightly fat! And for that, there is no better than healthy smoothies and fat-burning.

Smoothies That Tackle Visceral Fat To Lose Weight

Recipes of 3 fat-burning smoothies

Some foods are known for their effectiveness in combating fat accumulation in the abdomen. Generally, it is recommended to favor foods rich in fiber to accelerate intestinal transit and enjoy a feeling of prolonged satiety.

For this purpose, we advise you to favor foods from organic farming to avoid any risk related to the presence of pesticides and chemicals.

Here are 3 effective smoothies to fight visceral fat:

Smoothie # 1

- A banana
- Orange
- A tablespoon of linseed oil
- A tablespoon of crushed almonds
- 2 fresh figs
- 1/3 cup of water

Press the orange. Add the juice to a blender with banana, linseed oil, ground almonds, figs and water. Mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture.

Benefits of food:
Banana is rich in fiber and antioxidants, allowing it to fight against many pathologies. According to one study, this fruit protects the intestinal flora and allows better control of body weight. In addition, the orange is full of vitamin C and is a powerful ally slimming. Scientific experience indicates that orange juice provides energy to the body while reducing the risk of obesity. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3. According to this study, it is mentioned that although omega 3 can not help weight loss, they can still participate in maintaining it.

In addition, ground almonds contain protein and good sources of fat. According to scientific research, almonds are very effective at fighting body fat. Finally, figs include multiple vitamins as well as fibers to improve the digestive process.

Smoothie # 2

- A cup of raspberries
- An Apple
- ½ lemon
- 1 tablespoon flaxseed.

Squeeze half of the lemon. Put the juice in a blender with the apple and flax seeds. Mix everything until you obtain a homogeneous preparation.

Benefits of food:
Raspberries contain manganese, iron and vitamin C. According to scientific research, eating raspberries helps reduce body weight and treat diabetes by improving insulin resistance. In addition, apples are rich in fiber and polyphenols, nutrients that have been proven to lead to significant weight loss and to fight against body fat. Powerful antioxidant, the lemon has been the subject of several studies and the results show that this acid fruit participates in the oxidation of adipose tissue and the control of the body weight. Finally, flax seeds are rich in protein, fiber and trace elements to fight against obesity and reduce excess fat in the body.

Smoothie # 3

- 2 kiwis
- Orange
- ½ apple
- A tablespoon of crushed walnuts
- A tablespoon of flax seeds

Press the orange and put the juice in a blender. Then add the kiwis, apple, crushed walnuts and flax seeds to the unit. Mix everything until a homogeneous preparation.

Benefits of food:
Kiwis are very low in calories and contain many fibers and antioxidants, including vitamin C.