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Traveling Would Make You Happier Than Getting Married According To A Study

Traveling Would Make You Happier Than Getting Married According To A Study

Indeed, since time immemorial, the human being has at certain moments of his life the need to escape and to discover new experiences. Traveling, to escape routine or to feed one's thirst for knowledge, has a positive impact on the mind. But according to a survey conducted by the site linking travelers and Booking accommodation centers, the trip would have even more benefits than we think.

For many people, traveling is more than moving from one country to another. Going off the beaten path to pursue the quest for the unknown would actually make you happier.

Indeed, travel is a source of excitement, joy, creativity, but also psychological appeasement.

Traveling Would Make You Happier

One in two said the trip was more beneficial to him than his wedding day

By interviewing 17,000 people from 17 different countries, the results were unequivocal: 49% of respondents said they felt more joy enjoying their vacations somewhere than at their own wedding. In addition, 51% of respondents prefer to travel than to go to an appointment with their partner.

Indeed, most people seem to feel a real emotional boost when going on vacation. Moreover, 50% of respondents prefer to travel than to get a new job. It also seems that the motivation for planning a trip and anticipating good experiences is closely correlated with the joy felt by the people in this study. The impressive results of this study show the enthusiasm of people to break the cycle of their routine.

Why does the trip make you so happy?

The journey has positive and lasting effects on the psychological state of everyone:

The trip is an opportunity to live new experiences.
Traveling allows you to discover a new place, a new culture and people with a lifestyle different from ours. Breaking the routine to indulge in new events can boost mood. The most dynamic people will experience every moment of their journey as a challenge and an opportunity to excel.

The trip helps evacuate stress.
Obligations and daily habits give rise to a feeling of stress. While traveling, we leave all this anxiety behind us to devote ourselves to moments of joy. Excellent anti-stress, the trip helps to take a necessary break in the mind to face the trials of life.

The journey allows you to question your life and reinvent yourself.
When we drown in our habits with a frantic pace of life, we do not necessarily have time to think about the meaning of life and our intrinsic motivations. But during the holidays, in front of a beautiful sunset or in the middle of nature, our mind is able to collect these legitimate interrogations.

The journey makes you stronger mentally and emotionally.
It is only during travel that one dares to proceed with certain actions. Indeed, we know that there is little chance that we will meet these people again, and we are generally eager for experiences. However, this audacity and satisfaction that follows naturally boosts our mind and makes us stronger.

The journey helps to develop one's creativity
When we visit a foreign country, our thinking feeds on this new culture. Indeed, travel does not only discover new things, but boost our creativity. Thus, travelers are more likely to have different ideas and be more productive when they return to their home country.

The trip helps to keep good memories
Moving to a new place gives rise to a journey of soul and spirit. Indeed, the traveler feeds on beautiful experiences that are anchored in his mind. In addition, these memories expand his field of knowledge and offer him the opportunity to hold interesting conversations with his friends.

Travel is a time to take care of yourself
Moving away from your comfort zone is the best way to better understand life. The trips thus make it possible to move away from the influence of society, but also of certain relatives. Indeed, taking a vacation is taking time for yourself and connecting to your inner spirit to move towards a positive path.