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You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time: Here's What It Means

You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time: Here's What It Means

Since the dawn of time, some people are subject to nocturnal awakenings, often at the same time, and can not determine the cause. Thanks to traditional Chinese medicine, the periods of awakening during the night have been associated with what is called the "biological clock". Indeed, this system refers to the energy that passes through the organs of our body at specific times of the day. We tell you more.

Sleep occupies a central place in everyone's life since it contributes to the regeneration of cells and to the well-being of everyday life. In fact, a defective sleep cycle can lead to various metabolic processes that hinder the quality of life of those who experience it. But according to the biological clock of Chinese medicine, the periods of awakening during the night would actually have a well-defined meaning.

You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time

The energy flow of the meridians influences your biological rhythm
According to Chinese medicine, the body constantly receives energy "Qi", which allows it to perform its biological functions. Thus, Qi circulates in the 12 meridians that make up the body on a 24-hour cycle. This cycle is divided into 12 intervals of 2 hours each. Thus, for 2 hours, the Qi focuses on a specific meridian and decreases in the opposite meridian on the clock. In reality, this biological rhythm helps to understand certain dysfunctions of the body. If you wake up every night at the same time, it may mean that one of your organs is not functioning properly.

Which organ is on alert when you wake up?

The Chinese biological clock is a system that can alert people who refer to it about possible pathologies.

Moreover, in Chinese medicine, it turns out that every organ of the body is correlated to a particular emotion.

Here is what the time slot during which you have trouble sleeping actually reveals:

Between 11 PM and 1 Am
If you wake up frequently between 11 pm and 1 am, it means that you have a problem with your gall bladder. Now, this organ is responsible for secreting bile to promote the digestion of fatty foods. If the gall bladder does not work properly, you may have digestive problems. This can mean that you eat high fat meals and that you must change your eating habits. On the other hand, waking up during this time means that you do not trust yourself and that you have trouble making decisions.

Between 1 AM  to and 3 AM hours
According to Chinese medicine, during these 2 hours, the liver receives energy. If you wake up during this time, it reveals that this meridian is not at its best. The liver is responsible for circulating the blood in the tissues of the body to promote various metabolic processes. Thus, a liver pathology could be due to an accumulation of toxins in the liver. If you smoke, it is time to reduce or even stop this annoying habit. Psychically, this time period indicates an excess of inner anger. You must learn to relativize and let go of the unexpected.

Between 3 AM  hours to 5 AM hours
If you wake up during this time, it means that your lungs are not getting the correct energy. You have trouble breathing and you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. In fact, something disturbs you and you do not dare to talk about it around you. Many emotional factors come into play if you are used to waking up between 3am and 5am. You must learn to express your thoughts and fears to improve your life.

Between 5 AM and 7 AM
During this time period, nocturnal awakenings signify a pathology in the large intestine. Indeed, this part of the body should receive the energy flow during this period. But if you have a disturbance of intestinal flora, bloating and chronic constipation, you can not get quality sleep. But these symptoms also reveal permanent dissatisfaction with life and increased anxiety about the future. You are used to feeling an emotional void and you can not fill it. In reality, you need to be aware of your emotional blockages and express more gratitude for everything you have.