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Women Who Have A Slow Metabolism Must Do 6 Things To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Women Who Have A Slow Metabolism Must Do 6 Things To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Are you trying to lose weight and sculpt a dream body? The results are slow to appear and the only thing you can do is starve yourself? It probably means that your metabolism starts to slow down. Frequently, people do not know the cause of this change and do not know how to fix it. Then discover how to burn fat when you have a slow metabolism.

What we call "metabolism" is our ability to burn fat. It differs according to the people, according to whether one is a man or a woman but also according to our lifestyle. It may slow down for multiple reasons such as overproduction of cortisol, low estrogen levels, low testosterone levels and many other reasons. Be aware that if you are a woman and have a slow metabolism, these 6 methods can help you burn fat.

Slow Metabolism

Here are 6 ways to speed up your metabolism

Eat less carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are the foods that provide the energy needed by our body. They consist of sugar, starch and fiber. However, their decrease would accelerate the metabolism insofar as they cause a rise in insulin levels. In fact, according to the Montreal Heart Institute, low-carbohydrate diets help lower insulin levels, which causes the body to draw on stored fat to produce the energy it needs to function properly. Thus it is recommended to reduce carbohydrates namely pasta, rice, bread or potatoes to promote the acceleration of metabolism and burn more easily fat.

To exercise
To accelerate the burning of fat, the practice of a regular physical activity is essential. There are a lot of simple exercises like aerobics, cycling, running,  or elliptical. This will allow you to control your weight, to regulate your blood sugar level but also to build muscles. You can also do push-ups, pumps and sheathing. Pilates and yoga are also a great way to build up muscles while relaxing.

You have little testosterone
Men usually burn calories faster than women, since they have up to 10 to 20 times more testosterone. This hormone is important in building muscle and can help reduce fat. To speed up their metabolism, women can then resort to supplements that improve the production of testosterone.

Intensify your sport sessions
If you want to train but also do cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will be your best ally. It is a fractional training of high intensity, allowing to associate episodes of intensive efforts with short periods of recovery and this, several times. You will increase fat burning if you run fast or do any activity faster. A study has also shown that it reduces abdominal fat in slightly overweight subjects. Your body will continue to burn calories even after the session. For example, you can sprint for 30 seconds and walk for a minute and perform 5 repetitions. HIIT has the advantage of being practiced everywhere and without equipment.

Take Glutamine
It is a very important amino acid that helps to build muscles but also to strengthen the immune system. It has a special role in the health of the intestines and allows the assimilation of proteins that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Glutamine can be found in eggs, tofu, rice or even corn and meat.

Drink green tea or coffee
Some caffeine source drinks like green tea and coffee can help burn fat quickly. Indeed, their diuretic effect and antioxidant content can accelerate the metabolism and detoxify the body.