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Each Of Your Wrinkles Expresses A Facet Of Your Personality

Each Of Your Wrinkles Expresses A Facet Of Your Personality

Wrinkles are folds on the surface of the skin. They appear because of the relaxation of the skin related to age or dehydration. As a result, they are often perceived negatively because many people associate them with old age, even concealing them with the help of injections or through cosmetic surgery. Yet many of us would benefit from realizing that wrinkles are true brands that tell a part of our story. Intrinsically related to our personal experiences, they can reveal many secrets about our personality.

Our face expresses the majority of our feelings, whether by blushing, showing expressions, or by developing wrinkles. These are related to the repeated contractions of the muscles of our face, representing in a way the memory of our emotions. Indeed, the location of these wrinkles depends on frequently externalized expressions. Therefore, a person who often frowns will have wrinkles primarily on the forehead and between the eyebrows. In contrast, a person who smiles a lot will have wrinkles above the mouth.

Wrinkles Expresses A Facet Of Your Personality

Discover what yours mean:

The front lines
These are the lines on your forehead or between your eyebrows. They usually reveal an anxious and caring personality. The people who have them are careful and take the time to think and analyze the risk before taking action. They think constantly and hardly manage to confide in others. For these people, trust is built over time. Thus, even for their romantic relationships, it is only by knowing the true nature of a person that they can develop feelings.

Crow's feet lines
These are the wrinkles that form at the corners of the eyes and those that appear early. These wrinkles are often present in people who live fully and enjoy every moment of their lives. The latter accept things as they are and try to keep hope during any hardship. Extremely tender and caring, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves because they put the happiness of others first.

The lines of laughter
These are the lines resembling parentheses above the upper lip. These wrinkles reveal friendly and cheerful personalities, although these people can be shy and reserved. In addition, they are always looking to evolve and develop new skills in their field of activity. They also need to discover themselves and are looking for their personal well-being. Through their experiences, these people gain great wisdom.

The puppet lines
These are vertical lines on both sides of the chin, just like the lines on the puppets! These wrinkles refer to people who lack self-confidence. These people are often reluctant to express their opinion and have difficulty making decisions. Very vigilant in the face of those around them, they are afraid of hurting the people who matter to them, and feel guilty about the slightest misunderstanding.

How to accept these signs of age?

Some people do not always accept these changes in their skin. Whether by aesthetic preference or by denial of their age, they prefer to delay their appearance, or at least temporarily suffocate them. Nevertheless the methods used for this purpose are not always without dangers. Indeed, facelifts, injections, or even surgery to remove excess skin in extreme cases, can leave the face without expressions. Thus, it is always better to value one's well-being and to accept the marks of time as a positive change that only reflects the value of your past experiences.

In addition, if you still want to reduce their appearance or prevent their appearance, there are some tips safe for your skin and, in addition to preserving wrinkles, will promote your overall well-being:
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Make a scrub once a week
  • Protect your skin before sun exposure
  • Promote trace elements in your diet
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
  • Use moisturizing creams with vitamin E
  • Use masks and recipes of anti-aging grandmothers.