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The Benefits Of A Foot Massage

The Benefits Of A Foot Massage

One of the first things a baby tries to learn is to walk. It takes time because he does not have the necessary coordination. We learn to walk from an early age, and this remains the way to move the most intuitive. The human species is therefore distinguished by the speed that we can reach but also by our endurance. We can walk very long.

This allowed our ancestors to hunt of course, but also to travel to new and richer lands. Unfortunately, and this is still true today we take very little care of our feet. Find out why you should massage your feet every night before going to bed.

Benefits Of A Foot Massage

It is useless to recall the importance of our feet, walking is essential to the human being. Finding yourself without the ability to walk is considered a handicap. It is therefore even more unfortunate to notice that the feet are a generally neglected part of the body.

Take care of your feet
It is essential to know and avoid the actions that hurt your feet. These gestures are unfortunately very common today and foot pain is never taken seriously.

For starters, the way you walk and run is probably bad. When you walk, you must drop the heel first and then unwind the rest of your foot gradually and finally resume support with your toes. This gesture must be done as quickly as possible. When you run you have to do the opposite, that is to say first put your toes and then gradually your heel. It is therefore essential to take this step for better posture and reduce the impact on your joints and feet.

Choosing shoes is just as important, do not hesitate to try them for at least 5 minutes in store before buying them. If you feel any discomfort, avoid buying them.

The benefits of a foot massage

Whether done by a professional, your partner or simply by yourself, a foot massage can have multiple benefits for you and your body. According to plantar reflexology, each part of the foot is linked to different areas of the body. Thus, massage the feet would return according to this discipline to massage the whole body. Here are the benefits that a regular foot massage could have on you:

- A massage is used first to relax. Given the daily stress we are experiencing today, this is not to be neglected.

- According to a study in Japan, a foot massage could not only help against anxiety, but also improve blood pressure.

- Insomnia is a disturbing problem. Massaging your feet every night not only relaxes you, but creates a ritual that the brain will soon associate with sleep. So you can fall asleep more easily, but also sleep better according to a study.

How to get a massage

The idea of ​​a massage delights you, but you may not have the time, the desire or the means to go to a professional. You still have the solution to do a massage yourself. Let us guide you.

First, do not hesitate to take a scented oil. Whether it's lavender, almond or coconut oil, choose the oil you prefer. Then sit on your couch and brush your hands with a little oil. Take your foot in your hands. Start toes by going towards your heel. It is essential to adjust the pressure of your hands according to the hardness of the surface which varies all along your foot. Massage each foot for about 5 minutes, then put on socks that you will keep overnight. Wash your feet in the morning with lukewarm water and repeat this process every night before going to bed.