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10 Words All Men Want To Hear From A Woman

10 Words All Men Want To Hear From A Woman

Within the couple, the desires of each vary from one person to another. It depends on the relationship the two adults have, but also on the nature of the person's personality. That said, there are common phrases that every man wants to hear.

Indeed, each gender has common needs. Just as women need to feel loved and valued, men want to hear certain phrases that will boost their confidence on the part of their partner. Contrary to the image they convey, they are as much in need of attention and affection as women.

10 Words All Men Want To Hear From A His Woman

The 10 most important words to make man happy:

1. You are smart
Men like compliments, especially from their partners. This contributes to their well-being and allows them to know that they are successful, and that they please you. This simple sentence gives them a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, it will also allow them to know that you only have eyes for them! Tell your man that he is handsome and have confidence in him.

2. I am proud of you
Your man is striving to achieve his goals and surpass himself to make you proud. He therefore expects a minimum that you express your feelings about his success. You must tell him how much he surprises you and how happy you are to see him evolve. This sentence will serve him as motivation and will push him to continue to surpass himself to succeed as well as to grow in maturity.

3. You look doing well
When your man plays sports and spends hours doing heavy physical effort, he would like you to compliment him. Not only will he know that you are interested in him, but also that you pay attention to his physical changes. Do not hesitate to tell him that you like him more to motivate him to continue. You can help him by adopting a healthy lifestyle too.

4. I love you
Everyone needs to feel loved and to know that their feelings are reciprocal. That said, men are usually the ones who take the first step, and the fact that their beloved does it from time to time will make them very happy. They want to feel wanted and want to be reassured about your feelings towards them.

5. You are exceptional
Men want their women to be fulfilled at all levels, that's why it's important to share your feelings to give them a return and show that their efforts are valued. It's a kind of insurance that lets them know if you're on the same wavelength.

6. Tell me what's wrong, I'm here to listen to you
Contrary to popular belief, men also need to be listened to, they need support and advice. This is not a sign of weakness, quite the contrary. Moreover, if they speak to you to externalize their feelings, it means that they trust you and that they grant you a privileged place in their life.

7. I'm here for you
Men can feel constant pressure because of societal norms, which is why they need to know that you will be with them no matter what, and you will not give them up at the slightest falsehood. -not.

8. I trust you
They trust you and need to feel the same in return. You must know that it is stressful to know that you share your life with someone who does not trust you and doubts everything you do. Let them know that you are there for them but that you also have faith in their judgment.

9. Thanks
Do not forget to thank them for being part of your life, because just like you, they give themselves body and soul for your happiness and fight to make you happy. A minimum of recognition will give them the motivation and courage they need to continue their efforts.

10. I respect you
There is nothing more beautiful than a relationship based on respect. Let them know that you respect them and reassure them of your feelings about them.