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Farting: 7 Surprising Health Benefits You Do Not Know

Farting: 7 Surprising Health Benefits You Do Not Know

Farting 7 Surprising Health Benefits

Farts are usually a source of discomfort, especially if they occur in public and even worse if they are malodorous. Long ago these natural phenomena were not as "badly seen" and unacceptable as today. The rules of propriety have changed! Thus, with the others one retains the farts or one blushes if ever they occur. Big Mistake ! Farts should not cause shame, because they have many benefits. Here are 7.

Farts accumulate at the level of the intestines and result from the absorption of air during chewing or the mechanism of fermentation of food.

Generally, a healthy person expels between 14 and 18 Farts per day on average. The latter may be noisy, causing a loud sound sometimes during the evacuation of the gases, or on the contrary they may emit no sound. Farts can also be odorless or malodorous. It is for this reason that people force themselves to retain them when they are not alone. They are afraid of the mockery and teasing of their entourage.

But Farts are a natural phenomenon such as stool and urine. Better, they even have some health benefits.

Discover 7 good reasons to free your Farts as you want:

1 - Farts reduce bloating:

This digestive disorder is caused by the accumulation of intestinal gas in the intestine and is a source of discomfort. It is therefore natural that it can be relieved, even prevented by releasing Farts, because more Farts means less gas in the intestines!

2 - Farts are beneficial for the health of the intestine:

Retaining everything that has to be evacuated, whether urine, salts or Farts is strongly discouraged. In the case of Farts, retaining them can increase the accumulation of gases in the intestines. The latter must of course be emptied to prevent digestive disorders and to prevent strong pressure being exerted on the walls of the intestines.

Keep in mind that this problem is not only painful and inconvenient, but can in the long term cause distention of the intestine.

3 - Farts are excellent alarming signs:

Farts are natural and inevitable phenomena! Note that it is impossible to eliminate all gases from the intestines, a positive point because these can tell a lot about our health. Indeed, having intestinal gases, means that this organ functions correctly, whereas the opposite, could indicate an intestinal occlusion.

4 - The smell of Farts is good for your health:

It's not the kind of information you hear every day, but yes, the smell of your Farts is good for your health. The fetid odor of Farts is in fact due to the presence of high levels of hydrogen sulphide, which acts positively on the cells.

According to a study conducted by the University of Exeter in Britain, hydrogen sulphide would help reduce the risks of cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and heart attacks. This effect can be explained by the fact that when the cells are stressed by a disease, they secrete less hydrogen sulphide. This helps to maintain the role of mitochondria, which allow the survival of cells by controlling inflammation.

5 - Fish can help to have a balanced diet:

Your Farts can reveal a lot about your diet and can also help you balance it. If they are less, this is a sign that you do not consume enough fiber, because these substances are responsible for the production of gas during the fermentation process.

Ingested food also affects the smell of Farts. Thus, if you eat foods that contain a lot of fiber including beans or artichokes, your Farts will have a slightly unpleasant odor. On the other hand, if you consume a lot of meats and meats, your flatulence will have an unpleasant smell but more sulfur, because it contains hydrogen sulphide.

6 - Farts reveal that you have a good intestinal flora:

Do not be embarrassed about your Farts, be proud of them because they indicate that you have a good intestinal flora and that you eat the right foods. Cabbages and broccoli for example are known for their ability to raise the levels of good bacteria in the intestines, which improves the intestinal flora. These bacteria will release gases following the elimination of carbohydrates and fibers that have not been digested.

7 -Farts are relieving:

Yes, farting is good! One feels free from all the gases that encumber our intestines. This sensation alone is a more than valid reason for never retaining his Farts.