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This Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker Creates A Thunderstorm Inside Your Bedroom - Must See Video-

This Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker Creates A Thunderstorm Inside Your Bedroom - Must See Video-

Technological advances continue to impress us. This smart storm floating cloud bluetooth speaker  offers you a unique experience in your bedroom.

The human being never ceases to surprise us thanks to his overflowing imagination and his powerful creativity. Indeed, thanks to the extent of the technological advances, one discovers devices more and more impressive. In an article published on COSMOPOLITAN, we discover the intelligent cloud created by a renowned designer. This device full of originality will not fail to surprise you!

Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker

Technological progress has had the merit of benefiting young and old alike. Many multifunction devices continue to emerge, facilitating and optimizing our needs. In addition, users seem more and more demanding with expectations, able to graze the fictional sphere. But it seems that, despite stiff competition, high tech professionals are always ready to defend their ideas to satisfy their customers.

The intelligent Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker: a project mixing fiction and reality to perfection.

Are you a winter fan? Does this stormy sky filled with clouds leave you a bit of nostalgia for a moment? But do not you prefer to admire this carpet of clouds without suffering the inconvenience associated with cold and rain? Today, you can enjoy a winter climate, from your bedroom: Richat Clarkson has set up a cloud more true than nature, which is more intelligent!

Designate, whose studio is based in Brooklyn, collaborated with Crealev, to create this smart cloud.

The Floating Cloud 
To decorate your home or to liven up your evenings, this technological device can cling to the ceiling and let you enjoy its many functions. Made from hypoallergenic fibers, it does not harm the environment. In addition, the cloud can detect your presence with motion sensors. The base of the cloud is made from magnets that give the impression that the cloud is floating. It also has a lighting lamp and a speaker system.

This device combines sound and light effects and can be likened to a real winter cloud. Indeed, it can emit the sound of lightning and thunder thanks to its quality speakers.

Finally, you have the possibility to connect all your devices with the "bluetooth" function with this cloud to listen to the music of your choice.

Floating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker
This floating cloud provides a unique experience for users who feel they have a winter sky in their own bedroom.

Technologies that improve the quality of life
Although many people have been afraid that technological advances replace men with machines, it is clear that this is not the case. Technology has shown that it brings positive elements into our lives. In addition, it may prove to be a promising avenue for helping the visually impaired to find a job.

Here are some advanced technologies that could benefit the visually impaired:

Artificial retinas
They would allow the visually impaired to receive electrical stimulation in order to spot the light signals. This innovation would facilitate their entry into the job market.

Touch tablets
An Austrian company known as Blitab Technology is implementing a Braille digital tablet to allow blind people to expand their knowledge and access new skills.

The high voice readers
Advances in technology have also looked at tools that help the visually impaired and the blind to learn by listening. Thus, devices can scan texts and read them aloud to promote learning for all.