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Here's How To Dissolve Kidney Stones At Home

Here's How To Dissolve Kidney Stones At Home

Booster immunity, ally digestion, dietary partner, as many benefits that we can enjoy by incorporating more often the lemon in our daily diet. But the fruit of the lemon tree will never stop surprising us. Did you know that the star ingredient in our detox could help fight the formation of kidney stones? Indeed, the food rich in vitamin C prevents this urinary disorder thanks to its inhibitory action on the accumulation of limestone, which can cause severe pain.

Aficionados of health nutrition are unanimous. Consuming lemon regularly can improve many of our vital functions including the immune system, digestion or brain activity. Did you know that the fruit of the lemon tree was also recommended to fight against the formation of kidney stones. Spotlight on this disease that obstructs the urinary tract.

Dissolve Kidney Stones At Home

The kidneys: indispensable organs

Caring for your kidneys is a vital health habit. And for good reason, the role of these bodies is crucial for the proper functioning of the organization. Their main function? Eliminate waste, the accumulation of toxins through the urinary tract. But that's not all: our filtering organs regulate our levels of salt, potassium and acid in the blood. Our kidneys filter and restore more than 200 liters of fluid daily. To preserve their performance, it is useful to know the symptoms that reflect their dysfunction.

Early warning symptoms of kidney disease:

- Swellingof certain parts of the body: If the kidneys are damaged, these organs are no longer able to eliminate the waste optimally and end up being responsible for disorders in other vital functions. If you notice swelling on your hands, legs, ankles or face, this symptom may indicate kidney trouble.

Disorders to urination: The most striking sign is the difficulty in urinating. A need to urinate frequently, a change in the color of the urine, pain during urination, all signs that can alert stones or even kidney failure.

- Itching: Kidney stones can cause rashes and itching. Because of the accumulation of toxins in the blood due to the dysfunction of these organs, the body is no longer able to completely eliminate toxins which may impact the quality of the skin that may appear dry and reactive.

Chronic fatigue: This warning sign is due to the decrease of a hormone, erythropoietin, responsible for the production of red blood cells in the body. The muscles will not be sufficiently supplied with oxygen, which can cause considerable fatigue.

- Local pain: Damaged kidneys cause moderate to severe throbbing pain in the back. When infected, the kidneys can cause intense muscle spasms.

Lemon, ally of your kidneys
Thanks to its high citrate content, regular consumption of lemon is indicated to fight against kidney stones. And for good reason, this active compound of citrus dissolves mineral deposits in the kidneys and facilitates their evacuation. The results of this study published in Korean Journal of Urology are rather conclusive. According to this research, the fruit of the lemon tree is recommended to protect our filter organs from scale deposits and minerals.

Lemon, your detox partner
Prized by celebrities to mop a period of excess, the reputation of citrus is not stolen. And for good reason, thanks to its vitamin C, the fruit of the lemon tree is effective to fight against the presence of free radicals responsible for the appearance of diseases and premature aging. So many reasons to invite the detox food more often in our smoothies.

How to prepare your healthy drink?

To observe conclusive results on your health, we advise you to buy citrus fruits of biological origin.

To prepare this natural remedy, simply dilute a volume of lemon juice to two volumes of filtered water and drink this preparation up to 3 times a day.

Use :
It is recommended to drink this preparation in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime.

Caution :
Lemon is not recommended for heartburn or ulcers.