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Here Is How To Sit In The Toilet According To Doctors To Completely Evacuate The Stool

Here Is How To Sit In The Toilet According To Doctors To Completely Evacuate The Stool

Meeting some people with an uncomfortable need, a moment of pure relaxation and rest for others, the passage to the toilet is inevitably part of everyone's daily life. Although some consider it a very uncomfortable moment that they want to get rid of as quickly as possible, some people find a lot of rest and peace when they are "on the throne" and love to spend their time there. Whatever your case, be aware that it is essential to adopt a correct position when you use the toilet, especially if you spend a lot of time. Indeed, the position that most people adopt when sitting on the toilet is actually harmful to health and could cause you a multitude of problems.

Sit In The Toilet

Have you ever heard of Turkish toilets? Without a bowl, they actually only have one hole in the center of the tiles and two non-slip footrests. Rustic, we can still find them in old buildings or in some campsites. And although they seem primitive, know that these toilets are actually much more hygienic Western toilets! In addition, they are responsible for a myriad of health problems such as constipation, appendicitis or inflammation of the intestine. We tell you more.

Why Western toilets can be harmful to health

Dr. Mercola said after studying several cases and gathering a wealth of data on the issue of toilet posture that there was indeed a causal link between Western toilets and certain health problems such as those mentioned above. . This is mainly due to the fact that the position we tend to adopt on Western toilets alters the position of our intestines when we are bowel movements.

If you sit on the bowl completely straight, feet on the floor, this can have consequences for your health! Indeed, when you empty your bowels while your hips and back form a 90 ° angle, you greatly disrupt the natural passage of stool bowel. In order to be able to do your needs in this position, the only solution is to let the law of physics give you a boost. Therefore, this posture can lead to various health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids. These diseases could, in turn, cause you even more serious problems over time.

The correct position to adopt to protect your health
Ideally, your hips and back should be at an angle of plus or minus 35 degrees. This would allow your body to release the stool in a more natural way without having to put in any effort. The squatting position, which must be adopted when using Turkish toilets, is perfectly adapted and considered as the normal position to be adopted by going to the saddle in several cultures of the world.

Dr. Mercola has also stated that several efforts have been made in this direction and devices (such as small stools) have been created to help people who are unable to separate from their toilet to adopt a more natural position to the toilet. Squat exercises also seem to be an excellent solution for the most athletic of you to empty your bowels in the right way and protect your health.