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Meditation Is Able To Renew The Brain In 8 Weeks

Meditation Is Able To Renew The Brain In 8 Weeks

Beyond smart nutrition, there are many effective methods to calm the thinking ruminations if they are applied regularly and diligently. Meditation is one of them. This secular discipline vaunted for millennia not only allows to be in phase with your inner world but also to better tame your emotions. Contemplative, mindful or dynamic, this therapeutic tool has emerged as a convincing way to improve cognitive abilities and achieve emotional balance. For those who are still skeptical, know that this reconnection in the present moment has scientifically proven virtues. In just two months of practice, you will be able to witness unexpected changes. Information relayed by the American monthly Inc.

For a long time, we attributed the meditative practice to ascetics in search of spiritual progress. Sitting for years under a tree, Buddha attained bliss by letting silence bloom in his body and mind. In your initial journey towards the peace of being, you have led thousands of followers to practice this ritual to get away from mental chaos. Yet this millennial practice was only democratized in the twentieth century with effective tools to accommodate the present in itself. No need to devote yourself to this ritual by being isolated from the world, only a few minutes can be useful to witness profound transformations.


Meditation: welcoming your conscience

For novices, meditation involves sitting silently reciting religious mantras as they struggle against the never-ending stream of thoughts. Yet this practice is precisely to observe them by dissociating oneself from one's mind in order to let go. Thus, by listening to your senses and projections of our Ego, we can reach the feeling of harmony and finally make peace with oneself. Only, will you tell me, how to integrate this practice into your daily life when we are constantly plagued by the abundance of information and the tyrannical stimuli of the brain? The idea is first to be aware that to agree a moment to oneself is essential to better tame the emotions that seem to elude you. And these few minutes of reconnection to thoughts can bring you many benefits physically and mentally.

Two months to reprogram your brain?
Did you know that in just two months you could fully reprogram your brain? This one has in spite of you been programmed by many limiting beliefs and determinisms which lead you to take refuge in the past or on the contrary to project your thoughts towards the future. This millennial practice is also recognized as a salutary method to regenerate one's brain. And scientists do not bother: according to a study published in the journal Brain and Cognition, mindfulness meditation improves much of the cognitive faculties in just eight weeks. Two months of regular practice would show lasting changes in the prefrontal cortex (decision making), hippocampus (memory) and amygdala (emotions). According to the study supervisor, these changes occur if meditation is applied daily for two months. So many reasons to agree a time for oneself in full awareness of the present moment.

What about mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a secular practice to reconnect with the present moment. Theoretically, this sounds sibylline but it is a simple exercise. The first method is to stop on each direction gradually without negative or positive judgment. Simply, be a witness and observe what is happening in you. The second exercise involves observing an object and paying attention to the sensations it brings. To practice this reconnection, it is essential to adopt a dignified posture without stiffening your spine. Eyes may be open or half-closed depending on your preference and concentration.

Meditation at every moment

Once acquired and practiced regularly, you can gain the faculty of being able to meditate while practicing an activity because its anchoring techniques will become instinctive. For beginners, there are many audio contents to guide you in practice with specific instructions. Those who are resistant to the passivity of this discipline may choose dynamic meditation that has as many benefits as mindfulness. 

This three-phase exercise involves breathing in a chaotic manner at first for 10 minutes. 

Second phase: let your madness explode by giving freedom to your emotions. And to close this meditation, listen to the still silence that will start when you stop moving. 

This celebration will make you a purified person of your ruminant thoughts because you will have finally learned to express them.