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The New Trend Is To Have Hair Extensions On The Nostrils

The New Trend Is To Have Hair Extensions On The Nostrils

After lips set with crystals, fur on nails or ponytail eyebrows, a new trend has shaken the web: nose hair extensions. Unusual or completely crazy, this idea was put forward by a young Chinese. Indeed, the woman decided to break the traditional codes and post a selfie on his Instagram account with hair extensions on the nose. Relayed by The Sun, this trend does not seem to leave anyone indifferent ...

All means are good to make the "buzz".
Hair has long been considered a defect that threatens femininity and therefore the very identity of women. In addition, some men also think that the hair represents a lack of hygiene and the sign of a shameful neglect. Nevertheless, it seems that a young Chinese launched a rather original fashion, which has been around social media in just a few days.

The beauty trend that created the "buzz"
@Gret_Chen_Chen is the nickname of a young woman full of audacity, decided to sweep the aesthetic codes and put forward a new beauty trend: nose hair, long and curved. To do this, she stuck "false eyelashes" around her nostrils, and simply posted a picture of her on Instagram.

nose hair

Thanks to this initiative, the young woman has seen its number of subscribers soar. Thus, she was praised for her creativity and imagination. However, the negative comments did not miss the call. "It's horrible, sorry but it's true," posted a user.

But the least we can say is that despite the very controversial opinions, it has achieved its goal by arousing the interest of all.
In addition, this "beauty" trend has attracted many followers and has been shared by many girls on Instagram.

fake eyelashes

The latter have even made "tutorials" in order to explain to others the method and to influence a maximum of social media users.

Should we really remove the hair from the nose to be more "feminine"?

Very painful to remove, the hairs of the nose are a priori unsightly and annoy many women. In fact, apart from committed activists who proudly wear underarms, most women do not support hair. As a result, they go so far as to watch the slightest regrowth on the face and body to remove it immediately.
But in reality, it seems that waxing the nostrils is not necessarily beneficial. Indeed, the hairs of the nose have a crucial importance to filter the ambient dust and the external odors. However, when waxing is chosen, the root is attacked directly and the natural mechanism of protection removed.

false nose hair

According to the doctor Michel Cymes, people who remove all the hair of the nose are more likely to develop allergies or even more serious diseases caused by a bacterium known as "Staphylococcus aureus". This bacterium, which is in the nostrils, may be responsible for paronychia, boils or food poisoning. Thus, by attacking the root of the nose hair, one can create an inflammation that opens the door to infections due to staphylococcus aureus. Therefore, it is advisable to cut the long hairs using a pair of scissors to preserve their role.

On the other hand, women must know that nature is well made and that the hairs of each area of ​​the body are of particular importance. In fact, the doctor Nina Roos indicates that the hair follicles participate in the production of sebum in the epidermis and give it its softness.

In addition, the hairs can naturally regulate the temperature of the human body. In addition, while many women decide to adopt the trend of full-body hair removal, the latter has been associated with a risk of infections. Indeed, the hair is a protection against pathogens that can hinder the body. So, ready to fight the diktats of society and assume your hair?