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Quinton Isotonic Water, The Benefits Of Seawater For Health

Quinton Isotonic Water, The Benefits Of Seawater For Health

Quinton isotonic Water is a seawater, taken offshore, then microfiltered and cold sterilized. It is used for therapeutic purposes. Indeed, its remineralizing properties offer multiple health benefits. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Rene Quinton, a French scientist who noticed that blood plasma and interstitial fluid (liquid in which all cells of the human body are bathed) have the same composition as seawater in terms of minerals and trace elements (78 organic elements at least), with the difference that the latter is more concentrated in salt.

Quinton's water

Who is Rene Quinton?

Rene Quinton is a French physiologist and biologist, born on December 15, 1866 inFrance, and died on July 9, 1925. He discovered the water that bears his name: Quinton isotonic water. He is well known in the world for his research on seawater and its benefits in the late 19th century.

His best-known experience is that of 1897 when he was able to save a dog's life by using seawater. Quinton used seawater at 23 ° C to revive the animal, which he had voluntarily emptied of his blood. Incredibly, this one has survived. After a few days, the dog has even found a normal life. This experience has remained in the history of science and is often compared to that of Newton with the apple. In 1904 released his book "Seawater organic medium".

At the beginning of the 20th century, in Paris hospitals, Quinton successfully implemented his therapeutic discovery. "Marine" dispensaries began to receive patients in the City of Light from 1907. Thousands of patients were treated against malnutrition, childhood cholera and gastroenteritis. The methods of Quinton then exported all over the world, knowing in particular a great success in Egypt, before falling, little by little, in oblivion to the death of the French physiologist.

What are the health benefits of Quinton Isotonic Water?

Quinton's water has multiple benefits to general health:

It has the property of regenerating the organism by remineralizing the tissues with the essential elements for the good cellular functioning (magnesium, calcium, potassium ...)
  • Quinton isotonic water has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation, reducing the sensation of heavy legs.
  • Quinton isotonic water helps fight against chronic fatigue and depression
  • In the form of drinkable ampoules, Quinton Isotonic water can be used in prevention by athletes for cramps and dehydration. The dosage is then one to several ampoules a day as needed.
  • Quinton isotonic water can also help relieve some chronic pain such as arthritis or tendonitis.

- In local application, it can treat certain skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or acne. Wet a compress with Quinton and apply directly on the lesion for a few minutes.

- In the form of a spray for the nose, it treats ENT disorders such as rhinitis and sinusitis, and helps to better evacuate phlegm;
In injection, in isotonic form, it is used to rehydrate cells during gastroenteritis (diarrhea), severe burns, or even cholera.

- Finally, it can also be found in the form of eye drops, used in cases of viral conjunctivitis or sensation of sand in the eyes.

What is the difference between isotonic Quinton and hypertonic Quinton?

Hypertonic Quinton
It is undiluted seawater, with a salt concentration of at least 33 grams per liter. It contains a high concentration of minerals and trace elements. In case of high energy expenditure (sports or intellectual effort), it offers a rapid remineralization of the body. It is also hypertonic seawater that is found in most sprays to clean the nose in case of infectious rhinitis. The high magnesium concentration of hypertonic marine water is effective in calming allergic rhinitis.

Isotonic Quinton
It is also sea water, but this time it is "cut" with mineral water. Its salt concentration is that of the body, about 9 grams per liter of water. It effectively rehydrates the body. It can also be used as a spray to clean the eyes or prevent eye infections, or simply as part of a detox cure in the form of a drinkable ampoule.

What is the process of making Quinton isotonic water?

In the first place, seawater is extracted 30 meters deep, in the open sea, in a very specific area located in the center of whirlpools, called planktonic vortices. At this level, water is highly concentrated in bioavailable minerals, thanks to the action of phytoplankton. 

The second step is to filter the water cold (microfiltration). It is the only process that retains the nutritional properties of seawater, while ensuring the purity of the product. Quinton isotonic water does not undergo high temperature sterilization because this process will destroy the organic elements it contains naturally, and lead to the formation of hydroxyl radicals, which are responsible for the dehydration of the body. 

At the end of this process, the water must be sterile (no microbes or viruses) and stable in its composition. Several analyzes validating the purity of the product are carried out before conditioning.

Where can we buy this marine plasma?
Quinton seawater is sold in drugstores. It is also found in the shelves of health and wellness shops in the form of sprays, drinkable ampoules and even bottles.