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11 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Taught Us That Actually Work

11 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Taught Us That Actually Work

11 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Taught Us That Actually Work

Even today, my grandparents keep giving me strange remedies for small wounds. Last week I fell down the stairs. My grandmother rushed to tell me to cook an egg and spread it on my extremely swollen ankle ... And you know what? It worked !

The swelling had considerably diminished after an hour, and the next day I had already recovered from the hair of the beast. Thank you Mamie!

Here, just below, are even stranger remedies, which our grandmothers have been transmitting to us for generations, and who are really walking! Follow their advice!

Raisins for Arthritis

Indeed, these small dry and completely wrinkled berries that are usually found in scones or in the toast  of our children, can obviously relieve the symptoms related to arthritis!

According to our grandmothers, it is enough to dip golden raisins in two tablespoons of gin overnight. Grape vitamins mixed with the anti-inflammatory properties of juniper berries, used in gin production, will reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Do not worry, you will not be drunk ... But you can use this excuse to drink good gin!

Celery for bad breath

According to Granny, and certainly other grandmothers, celery is the ideal food to counter bad breath. No need to invest your money in tons of chewing gum packs, just put a celery stalk in your mouth and chew ... Your bad breath should dissipate!

Lemons for ear pain

Here is yet another strange grandmother's recipe. If you squeeze a lemon over an ear piece or cotton swab before putting it in your ears for a minute, your pains will subside. Indeed, lemon juice stabilizes the pH levels present in your ears.

Nettle for hair loss

The nettle leaf contains a large amount of proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene as well as many vitamins A, C, D and vitamin B complexes. Many of these vitamins And minerals promote hair growth and care. Our hair is mainly composed of proteins, which is why the nettles leaves help to keep the hair sturdy, shiny and above all, on our head!

To do this, nothing simpler. Boil some water and add 4 to 6 leaves of nettles.

Attention: the leaves of nettles contain a high level of silica, which can be dangerous in large doses!

Yams for Menopause

Yams can often be confused with sweet potatoes, so be careful! Indeed, they are not the same! Yams have thicker, rougher and darker skin. They have a high vitamin C content, also contain a little vitamin A, which helps to regulate the hormonal balance, as well as tons of dietary fiber that lower your cholesterol level.

Olives for motion sickness

It has been proven that olives contain tannin, a substance that helps stop the production of surplus saliva. We all know this unpleasant feeling before feeling bad ... So go buy yourself some juicy olives for your next trip! Your grandparents will surely be proud of you.

Baking soda for urinary infections

And yes, grandparents have an answer to everything! Here is another useful remedy. Sprinkle your glass with water of baking soda and the symptoms of a urinary tract infection will subside in no time. Baking soda decreases the acidity present in your bladder and thus prevents the development of bacteria.

We advise you, however, to consult a doctor if the symptoms and pain do not fade anyway.

Dried apricots against indigestion

Taking dry apricots after meals would promote better digestion. Dried apricots are very rich in dietary fiber, so they digest much better and reduce bloating. So, if you do not feel too good after a meal, eat a handful of apricots and your day will go smoothly.

Potatoes against spider bites

Raw potatoes have virtues against itching and inflammation, the very symptoms of a spider bite. To do this, cut a piece of a potato, place it on the bite, wrap it in a small bandage and rub it lightly over the wound for a few minutes.

Even if you doubt your grandparents' home remedies, try them! You have nothing to lose and you might even be pleasantly surprised!