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12 Strange truths about the sign of Virgo

12 Strange truths about the sign of Virgo

Astrology is a divination existing for thousands of years. It determines the character traits and character of an individual based on the position of the stars at the time of his birth. The sign of Virgo is those born between August 23 and September 22. Discover strange truths about this sign!
The natives of Virgo are known for their intelligence, honesty and prudence. They can show a lot of distrust, and prefer to know everything in advance. To better understand the nature of this sign, here are some amazing truths about them:
12 Strange truths about the sign of Virgo

1 - Like attract like. Yes, but not always!
the Virgin of the natives have a great thirst for discovery and often end up falling in love with a person who is totally opposite to their nature. This is usually due to their insatiable curiosity which sometimes allows them to find the best balance between Yin and Yang.
2 - Zero Tolerance
People born under this sign have a great sense of observation and hate superficial and dishonest people. Virgo have no tolerance for players and versatile personalities, either in love or friendship. Besides, they do not hesitate to get rid quickly of individuals who engage in such behavior.
3 - Limitless curiosity 
Very curious nature, the Virgin lean towards research and reading to quench their thirst for information. Therefore if you mention a subject they ignore during a conversation, they will surprise you with their knowledge of the matter the next time you reap allusion.
4 - Jealousy and possessiveness
In love, Virgos give themselves body and soul. They love madly and deeply, which develops in them a certain fear of losing people they love and push them to show jealousy and extreme possessiveness.
5 - Trust the basis of any relationship
If you were able to gain their trust, they will reveal their true nature and will be at ease with you. They give free rein to their fierce and passionate nature they carefully hide. A person who does not enjoy their trust will never see their adventurous side.
6 - No Access is allowed for nosy!
People born under this sign are mysterious in nature and value their privacy. They reveal nothing of their secret and not easily put their trust. So if you have a Virgo friend, expect to see spend some time before allowing you to enter her private space and reveals their hidden facets of his life ...
7 - A difficult puzzle to solve
Every person born under this sign is a difficult puzzle to solve. If you are her friend or his partner, we must be patient and not be disappointed or frustrated if you do not read his thoughts or his feelings. Trying at all costs to do so, you may lose your way.
8 - Appearances Are Deceiving
Their cautious side and difficulty to trust made them out for arrogant people, cold and distant. Do not be fooled by their facade, the Virgin is really a humble and modest in nature.
9 - A difficult person to satisfy
The Virgin can be considered the most difficult to satisfy sign. They are careful and do so much attention to detail that it seems that nothing is ever to live up to their standards.
10 - Not the incessant complaints!
Virgos are so prosaic that they hate those who complain and whine for everything and anything. A person who constantly complains to find comfort and consolation will be bitterly disappointed by virgo!
11 - Marble Front
They excel in the art of hiding their emotions and feign indifference. Do not let them discourage you either! Their lack of compassion and neutrality only serves to hide their emotions bubbling to you.
12 - A frank and honest opinion
Do not ask a question to a native of the Virgo that except if you are ready to hear the answer! They will give you their opinion frankly and sincerely. If you are looking for some words of comfort and encouragement, you probably ringing on the wrong door