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13 Things That Men and Women Do Totally Differently

13 Things That Men and Women Do Totally Differently


If there is no difference between men and women in matters of intelligence, there are still some things that both gender are not in the same way ... Here is an article to read with humor!
Gossip and gossip
Family, friends, work ... gossip are part of our every day! Although we know that it is not really fair to say or hear stories about someone else, regardless of the intentions, it can be hard to resist.
In the collective imagination, women are known to chat and ragoter much more than men. But it remains to be seen!
However, what is certain is that the subjects of small talk, they are different. The men talk over their activities, while women are more likely to talk about emotional topics.
Men and women have different technical approach when it comes to flirting with someone. This is related to the fact that they usually do not have the same motivations.
According to various studies, women flirt in order to start a relationship, while men are often driven by their sensual desires.
It is a fact, shopping is a social and recreational activity that most women appreciate. Some even consider it as a kind of therapy!
However, one can not say the same for men. The latter consider shopping as any other task or activity. Moreover, the vast majority of men who go shopping know exactly the product they want to buy.
How to sit
Men and women sit differently, which is totally understandable. The type of clothing worn by the women do not really let them choose.
Imagine a woman wearing a little dress or short skirt and sitting legs apart? It's not very discreet! It is for this reason that women, from an early age, learned to always sit closed and legs crossed. And pants do not change much in this reflex.
Men, by contrast, sit more relaxed way!
"I'll be ready in 5 minutes." 30 minutes later, she still has not finished makeup. Typically feminine! Women take much more time than men to prepare which it is quite normal. Shower, toilet, choice of dress, color matching, makeup, hair ... it is quite a process!
This is partially due to social pressures on women to meet certain standards of beauty ...
The sport
The general rule in sports wants everyone trains according to its objectives. In other words, each person chooses the discipline, the training frequency and intensity that suits his abilities but also their expectations.
Most men choose weight training to have well-defined muscles, while women opt for cardio exercises and strength training to tone their muscles and fitter body. Women also have a preference for yoga.
Expressing sadness
"A man does not cry! "
That's a phrase that marked more than a boy! Indeed, the society puts a lot of pressure on men to be strong, emotionally speaking. They must not show their sorrow and cry less, which is why most men repress their feelings.
Generally, men express sadness through silence or anger, while women live and express their grief, crying.
The Relationship ruptures are obviously not easy to pass moments for both genders, but each manages its way.
Men generally prefer ruptures smoothly, separations that are peaceful. Some women, in contrast, tend to discuss the situation and sometimes arguing ...
Manage problems
Women and men tend to react differently when confronted with problems. While men step back to think over their problems, women simply prefer to talk about. This finding is general, but there are of course exceptions.
A study conducted by researchers from the American University and Rutgers that was published in the Journal of Gerontology also corroborates this observation.
The researchers interviewed nearly 1,000 couples, all aged under 40, on the way they handle problems and disputes. Indeed the results of the study suggest that men prefer not to talk and fold on themselves. Women, for their part, feel the need to express their feelings.
When they did not find the place they seek, women are more likely to use navigation devices like GPS or ask someone on the road.
While men rarely ask for directions. They seek and hope to find their place!
Women prefer to externalize and express their feelings, they usually want to discuss the issue after forgiving someone. This is important for them, so as to overcome the situation.
Men, for their part, forgive and forget.
Most women develop friendships with people they have mixed feelings. The men develop friendships through shared experiences and activities.
The fights
Fights between men involve punches, until someone gives in. While women do not give shots, but use their own means. During a fight between girls, you will notice hair pulling, scratching and sometimes bites!