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20 Practical Uses Of Coca Cola: This Proves That It Is Not Made For The Human Body

20 Practical Uses Of Coca Cola: This Proves That It Is Not Made For The Human Body

Coca-Cola is the most popular beverage in the world, despite the many detrimental effects hammered by various health structures and organizations, it remains uncontrollable. Except for its reputation as a drink, far from being beneficial for health, Coca-Cola serves a variety of uses, including cleaning products.

20 Practical Uses Of Coca Cola

What makes Coca Cola a good cleaner:
The composition of this drink explains its effectiveness in cleaning. The high acid content can destroy the teeth enamel and make them more sensitive or even damaged. According to some tests, the acidity of this drink is extremely high, its pH level is 2.5.

As a comparison, consider the pH value of the water, which is 7 and that of a stack, which is 1. In other words, consumption is far from favorable for us, but this drink can be really effective As a household cleaner.

Here are 20 ways to use Coca Cola

1 - It can clean the blood stains of your clothes: pour Coca Cola on the task and let it act 5 minutes, after putting this clothes in your washing machine with your laundry.

2 - Soak coins in Coca Cola to renovate them: soak them in a container and leave for an hour.

3 - You can also use it to decalcify a kettle: the descaling effect of Coca Cola can clean your kettle, just fill it and let it act a few hours then rub it with a small brush.

4 - Excellent stripper, you can use it to clean the toilet. Just pour it into the bowl, let it act for a few minutes and then rinse.

5 - Ideal to remove grease stains from your clothes and fabrics: wet the spot quickly with lots of Coca Cola to dilute the stain, towel and then re-wet it until it disappears.

6 - Clean the soil of the oil stains in the garage: Pour Coca Cola on the floor and leave and rinse with a hose.

7 - Because of its high concentration of acids, this drink can kill slugs and snails: if you have a vegetable garden the Coca Cola will be your best inexpensive insecticide. By depositing a small bowl filled with the magical drink near the plants that snails crave, the smell of the snails attracts them and its acidity kills them.

8 - Coca Cola can help you remove rust stains from your bathtub. You can pour 2 liters of Coca Cola into the bottom of your bathtub and let it act for a few hours. For the rest of the tub equip yourself with a sponge soaked in the drink and rub.

9 - Dip a sponge or cloth, or even aluminum foil, into Coca Cola. By rubbing you can remove the rust on rusty locks.

10 - Clean the battery of a car: Pour a little Coca Cola on a sponge to wipe the car battery.

11 - You can also use it to clean engines.

12 - Immerse your hair in a little Coca Cola and keep them for 2 minutes then rinse them, to remove a chewing gum stuck in the hair.

13 - Coca Cola can help you remove paint stains from your metal furniture. Dip a towel and apply over the paint stains.

14 - Pour a little Coca on the kitchen floor, leave it to act and then wipe it clean to clean the tile grout.

15 - Coca can help you mitigate or remove the dye from your hair.

16 - Combined with aluminum foil, Coca Cola can effectively polish chrome.

17 - Use it to clean paint stains from glass porcelain.

18 - To clean marker dyes on the carpet, pour it in, rub it a little and rinse with soap and water.

19 - Coca Cola can also dissolve a tooth. If you place a tooth in a sealed container filled with Coca Cola and you leave it for a long time, it will eventually dissolve.

20 - If you have burnt pans, do not panic! No more rubbing. Pour coca cola into your saucepan and let it act then rinse it to clean it.

If you notice all the effective effects of this drink, you will definitely conclude that this drink is very damaging to our health and can cause serious damage to our body. On the other hand, one can enjoy the affordable price of this drink to make it an inexpensive cleaner.