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6 Signs You're In The Wrong Relationship ...

6 Signs You're In The Wrong Relationship ...

Signs Wrong Relationship

Romantic relationships can be very complicated and unstable. Besides, all the couples go through ups and downs and are regularly confronted with various problems. However, the advantage of these difficult times is to allow partners to assess the strength of their relationship and whether they made the right choice. Although it is solely the responsibility of those involved in whether they are in good or bad relationships, some signs are unmistakable. Discover the 6 signs that clearly show that you are in a bad relationship.

6 Signs of a bad relationship

1 - You will enjoy it more:
When boredom sets or when problems are multiplying in a relationship, it is possible to get to a point where we no longer feel anything for our partner. It feels so bad that the flame is extinguished and love dissipates. But when we begin to feel contempt or hatred towards our partner, it's a sign that things are going very badly and it is time to take seriously the situation.
2 - You blame yourself for everything:
Afraid to face reality or admit our errors, we generally tend to blame others for what happens to us. In a couple that goes wrong, the two partners are quick to accuse each other of being the source of the problems they face or outright the relationship of failure. Even though they know well that they each have a share of responsibility, neither has the courage to admit it. At this point, it appears important to talk seriously and sincerely in order to make a decision and move forward.
3 - You are very different from one another:
In some couples, differences in character, values and tastes represent wealth and discovery. In others, they are sources of trouble and disputes, especially if they are not accepted and tolerated.
For example, if the man like quiet evenings at home while you she prefers the nightlife, it is possible that after a while you feel helpless. None of you will accept the fact that the other may have a different lifestyle.
Once the glare of passion has gone, you will realize that you have no common trait.
4 - You are not yourself:
If you notice that you have lost your values and changed your habits or you are no more simply yourself, it may be time to step back and reassess the situation.
A healthy relationship is supposed to lead you forward, and bring out the best of yourself. So if you notice that you do not improve, or worse, your faults have taken over, it is a sign that things are bad.
5 - You fantasize about other people:
Although the fact that fantasize about other people, does not count as a real infidelity, it may be a sign that you're not really where you want to be. It is a form of emotional infidelity. When you dream of another life or when you view your future with someone else, even if it does not exist yet, it is clear that you are not satisfied.
6 - Do not try to improve things:
When we choose a person, we do our best to make the relationship succeed, regardless of the circumstances and the problems we face. But when you do not care anymore about the couple's future and we become indifferent, this is an indication that it is time to move on. Why waste more time?