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10 Exercises That Burn Fat Than Running

10 Exercises That Burn Fat Than Running

Many people spend hours running on the treadmill or even outdoors in order to lose weight. Running is certainly a very good activity to burn fat, but it is not the most effective! Find out below 10 different exercises to get rid of unnecessary pounds efficiently and quickly.

Exercises That Effectively Burn Fat Than Running

10 exercises that help burn fat more effectively than running:

1 - Cross-country skiing:

As part of the family of winter sports, cross-country skiing is an excellent sport for burning fat. Indeed, this discipline that solicits a large number of muscle at once and continuously, allows to burn between 545 and 1125 calories / hour on average. Do not forget that doing sports in the cold also activates the thermogenesis process, which increases the caloric expenses.

However, cross-country skiing is not suitable for everyone, because it is very rigorous. It is important to have a good physical condition to be able to practice it.

2 - The rower:

Performing a rowing session is equivalent to full body work. This exercise engages several body muscles including the back, arms and shoulders and represents a very good activity that combines both cardio and bodybuilding. That said, the rower allows not only to tone and muscle the body but also to burn fat. By doing one hour rower, you can burn 580 to 680 calories on average.

3 - Bike sprints:

Cycling is a very good exercise to muscle the legs, tone the abdominal strap, make the joints work and increase endurance. Working in sprint, that is to say alternating between pedaling very fast and slow, it allows to burn more calories and therefore to lose weight. Cycling for one hour allows you to burn between 570 and 850 calories on average.

4 - The burpees:

Burpees are an excellent cardio exercise that helps strengthen and condition the body. This activity requires a lot of muscles but also joints at the same time over a short period, which allows to sculpt the body and burn more calories.

Include series of burpees in your training circuits to gain strength and stamina, speed up your metabolism and get rid of unnecessary pounds.

5 - Saved squats:

Skipped squats are among the best explosive cardiovascular exercises. They are effective in strengthening and toning the lower body muscles, including quadriceps, backside and calves, but also to burn fat. Skipped squats also help to improve the sense of balance and strength.

6 - The battles ropes:

The rope battles or undulating strings are thick strings, used in bodybuilding to condition the body. They are excellent for improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as for removing fat. This exercise helps in spending 630 calories per hour.

The most common battle rope exercise is when the athlete places himself in the position of flexed legs, holding each end of the rope in one hand, arms along the body. He then moves the undulations of the rope, raising one hand after the other.

7 - The kettlebells swings:

This is an exercise that can be carried out by everyone, but whose effectiveness is undeniable. The kettlebells swings, which consist of swinging up and down a kettlebell while slightly flexing the legs as if to take the momentum, is an effective exercise that works the backsides, hamstrings, abdominals, shoulders and back. It is a very good activity to increase caloric expenses without losing muscle mass. An hour of kettlebells burns 720 calories per hour.

8 - The fat bike:

The fat bike is an all terrain bike that is characterized by very wide tires, used mainly in mountain or on snowfields, because of its powerful adhesion. Fat bikes include tires twice as wide as a normal bike and are therefore a little more difficult to drive and especially more physically demanding. Thus, an hour of fat bike would burn up to 1500 calories on average.

9 - The cross-fit:

The cross fit is a discipline of fitness, which includes several sports such as gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance sports. This training method is based on strength, flexibility, power and stamina and burns a maximum of calories. If you've never tried this discipline, it's high time to do it!

10 - The skipping rope:

Classic but effective, the skipping rope is a very fun exercise with very satisfactory results. You only need a skipping rope and your body to burn an average of 680 to 815 calories / hour if you put it seriously