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Here Is Your Greatest Weakness According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here Is Your Greatest Weakness According To Your Zodiac Sign

Greatest Weakness Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is a science which consists in studying the position of the different stars at the time of the birth of an individual to determine his personality. According to this practice, all persons born under the same sign have in common a certain number of traits of character. 

Discover the weak points of each astrological sign.

1 - Aries

Generous and endowed with a great heart, the natives of this sign give great importance to the emotional aspect and trust easily. But their excessive goodness is sometimes exploited by people of bad faith who try to manipulate them and direct their decisions. On the other hand, Rams are also governed by their nature of fire, which sometimes pushes them to act in an unreflective and impulsive manner, which may lead them into problematic situations.

2 - Taurus

The weak point of Taurus is its sensitivity. He takes things too dear and is deeply attached to his small business and the people he cherishes. However, he made great efforts to conceal this sensibility from society, for he could not tolerate it being the object of ironic remarks or mockery. If it does, it immediately closes itself and creates unbridgeable barriers between itself and the people around it.

3 - Gemini

Gemini are known for their inability to admit they are wrong. You can advance the arguments you want, they will always respond to everything. They are sometimes carefree, superficial, gamblers, and have trouble taking certain things seriously. Luckily their level of intelligence allows them to emerge unscathed from their wacky projects. Their great curiosity prompts them to change their environment often, making them unstable in the eyes of others.

4 - Cancer

Dreamy and capricious at the same time, he is often confronted with the harsh reality that does not generally correspond to his expectations. Solution? He went to look for consolation on his bed beside his pillow. He will not hesitate to stop all his activity of the moment until it refits the full of energy. This is why many people see them as extremely lazy.

5 - Leo

Too sure of himself and sometimes even proud, the Lion finds it difficult to give his confidence. He may be very sensitive and suspicious, even if the person in front of him has done nothing to merit his mistrust and lack of confidence. It also shows an exaggerated ego that provokes the annoyance of the people around it.

6 - Virgo

The main weakness of the Virgin is her fear. He is so attached to her comfort zone that she prefers not to make new discoveries, for fear of not being up to it, or that things do not go as planned. That's why she likes to plan ahead in order to avoid unforeseen events.

7 - Libra

In its quest for the best decision, Libra is often unable to take one. This sign is very hesitant and changes its opinion regularly, leaning sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other. A trait that does not fail to annoy his entourage.

8 - Scorpio

His personality is strong but complex and difficult to pin down. He is often overwhelmed by his doubts and anxieties that a simple word can revive. This is due to his willingness to protect himself and to stay safe, but it is not easy to live for the people around him.

9 - Sagittarius

Represented by man-horse, Sagittarius is governed by two principles: reason and instinct. This is why he is often subject to changes in mood and attitudes that make people around him no longer know on what footing to dance. Moreover, the Sagittarius has a horror of all that is occult, so if you want to speak of supernatural phenomena, find yourself another interlocutor!

10 - Capricorn

Capricorn is an uncommunicative sign. He forges a carapace of ice that holds the others at a distance and gives him a haughty air. He hates gossip (small talk) which he considers a waste of time and has a hard time putting words on his emotions.

11 - Aquarius

Too attached to its independence and giving no importance to social constraints and authority, Aquarius does only at its head. Moreover, his thirst for freedom sometimes turns into selfishness, for he does not bother to think about the impact his actions would have on others.

12 - Pisces

Pisces are emotionally attached to their loved ones, and can only feel fulfilled by being at their side. They are also very empathic and quickly influenced by the emotional state of the people around them. It becomes difficult, for their sensitive and fragile nature, to manage all this emotional flow ...