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How To Grow Roses In Potatoes

How To Grow Roses In Potatoes

Nothing is more pleasant than receiving fresh flowers or treating yourself to a bouquet of roses to brighten up your day and contemplate the beauty of these fragrant wonders in your interior.

Unfortunately, all the flowers end up withering, there is all the beauty of these ephemeral plants. What if, instead of buying roses you love so much to get rid of them a few days later, you plant a stem of your favorite rose for a magnificent rose garden in your own garden?

How To Grow Roses In Potatoes

Gardening is a hobby that many people enjoy. Planting trees, vegetables, fruit, aromatic herbs or flowers, all stimulating activities to relax at home while enjoying contact with nature. In addition, this relaxing activity not only allows you to have your own vegetable garden, but also to admire flowers that have been lovingly planted. If you receive a rose, don't let it wilt, plant it to grow even more!

Transform a rose into a pretty rose bush in no time!

Having plants at home or a bouquet of flowers can improve your health and do you a lot of good. Indeed, green plants also have unsuspected properties beneficial for morale. As one study explains, contact with these natural treasures helps combat stress by promoting a feeling of tranquility, serenity and relaxation.

So why not plant them at home?
If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry, a rose will be enough to decorate your garden and embellish your interior. To do this, you will need your stem, a potato, potting soil, a pot and a plastic bottle. Roll up your sleeves and go!

The steps to follow:

1- Choose the stem of a rose, remove all its leaves and cut the head of the rose diagonally (about 3 centimeters below the flower)

2- Take a potato, make a small hole the same size as the stem of the rose and prick it so that it is straight

3- Get a pot, fill it with potting soil up to 5 cm and place your potato in the middle

4- Gently add the rest of the soil all around the stem

5- Take a plastic bottle, cut the bottom to make a greenhouse and cover the stem. This small greenhouse will keep the rose warm and protect it from the cold

6- Water afterwards the stem around the bottle and not inside

After a few weeks, you will notice that the stem will start to grow, with small green leaves and small rose buds.

Finally with a lot of patience, you will be able to contemplate your rose bush and admire the roses, these queens of flowers that will perfume your garden or your room with their fragrant scents while brightening your day with their bright colors!